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A unique ocean and solar based multigenerational system with hydrogen production and thermal energy storage for Arctic communities Temiz, M., Dincer, I. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Hybrid Devices, Performance
Cost-optimal wave-powered persistent oceanographic observation Dillon, T., Maurer, B., Lawson, M. Journal Article Wave
Simulation Verification of Overcurrent Protection Operation in Power Networks Integrating Renewable Energy Sources in Energy Communities Szablicki, M., Rzepka, P., Halinka, A. Journal Article Grid Integration
A hybrid piezoelectric-electromagnetic wave energy harvester based on capsule structure for self-powered applications in sea-crossing bridges Qi, L., Li, H., Wu, X. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Full Scale Hybrid Devices, Performance
Niche Applications and Flexible Devices for Wave Energy Conversion: A Review Renzi, E., Michele, S., Zheng, S. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
The Suitability of the Pacific Islands for Harnessing Ocean Thermal Energy and the Feasibility of OTEC Plants for Onshore or Offshore Processing Kim, H-J., Lee, H-S., Lim, S-T. Journal Article OTEC
Alternative Markets for Ocean Energy Ocean Energy Systems Report Current, Wave, OTEC
Small-scale hydrokinetic turbines for remote community electrification Tan, K., Kirke, B., Anyi, M. Journal Article Current, Riverine Field Data Materials, Performance
Modeling and experiment validation of a seawater micro hydropower system for marine animal telemetry tag Wang, J., Cui, Z. Journal Article Wave, Pressure Differential Modeling Performance
Investigation of Self-Driven Profiler with Buoyancy Adjusting System towards Ocean Thermal Energy Xia, Q., Muhammad, G., Chen, B. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Performance
Indirect air CO2 capture and refinement based on OTEC seawater outgassing Straatman, P., van Sark, W. Journal Article OTEC, Open Cycle
Powering India’s Blue Economy through ocean energy Agarwala, N. Journal Article Performance
State-of-the-art of renewable energy sources used in water desalination: Present and future prospects Bundschuh, J., Kaczmarczyk, M., Ghaffour, N. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Unveiling the potential of using a spar-buoy oscillating-water-column wave energy converter for low-power stand-alone applications Oikonomou, C., Gomes, R., Gato, L. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data, Scale Device
Sandwich-like Triboelectric Nanogenerators Integrated Self-Powered Buoy for Navigation Safety Wang, H., Fan, Z., Zhao, T. Journal Article Wave Lab Data Substructure
Wave energy in the UK: Status review and future perspectives Jin, S., Greaves, D. Journal Article Wave
Evaluation of the hydraulic potential with hydrokinetic turbines for isolated systems in locations of the Amazon region Oliveira, C., Barros, M., Branco, D. Journal Article Current, Riverine
The MBARI-WEC: a power source for ocean sensing Hamilton, A., Cazenave, F., Forbush, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling
A Novel Profiler Driven by Tidal Energy for Long Term Oceanographic Measurements in Offshore Areas Zhang, X., Zhang, Z., Fan, W. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics
Design of a multi-use marine area off-shore the Mediterranean Sea Zanuttigh, B., Palma, G., Brizzi, G. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling
Tidal Current Energy Developments Highlights Ocean Energy Systems Report Current, Tidal
Ocean Energy for Ocean Worlds Cavagnaro, R., Spence, H., Schmaus, C. Conference Paper Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Counterweight-pendulum energy harvester with reduced resonance frequency for unmanned surface vehicles Graves, J., Kuang, Y., Zhu, M. Journal Article Wave Lab Data
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion—Flexible Enabling Technology for Variable Renewable Energy Integration in the Caribbean Brecha, R., Schoenenberger, K., Ashtine, M. Journal Article OTEC, Open Cycle Grid Integration
Optimisation of renewable energy powered reverse osmosis desalination systems: A state-of-the-art review Okampo, E., Nwulu, N. Journal Article Salinity Gradient
Renewable energy-driven seawater desalination: A comprehensive review Fadaei, Noorollahi, Y., Astarei, F. Journal Article Hybrid Devices
Wave Energy Developments Highlights Ocean Energy Systems Report Wave
The Emerging Potential of Microgrids in the Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Systems Wallsgrove, R., Woo, J., Lee, J. Journal Article Grid Integration
Water-energy nexus: desalination technologies and renewable energy sources Panagopoulos, A. Journal Article Salinity Gradient
Kelp Energy Products and Marine Renewable Energy for Coastal Alaska Communities Rinker, M., Airhart, K., Anderson, D. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Tidal Stream vs. Wind Energy: The Value of Cyclic Power When Combined with Short-Term Storage in Hybrid Systems Coles, D., Angeloudis, A., Goss, Z. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Hybrid Devices, Hydrodynamics, Performance
The extraction of power and fresh water from the ocean off the coast of KZN utilising ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) techniques Gumede, M. Thesis OTEC, Open Cycle Lab Data, Modeling Performance
Economic analysis and optimization of a renewable energy based power supply system with different energy storages for a remote island Javed, M., Ma, T., Jurasz, J. Journal Article Hybrid Devices
On the potential synergies and applications of wave energy converters: A review Clemente, D., Rosa-Santos, P., Taveira-Pinto, F. Journal Article Wave
Realizing the Benefits of Energy Harvesting for IoT Ahmed, S. Book Chapter
Collocating offshore wind and wave generators to reduce power output variability: A Multi-site analysis Gideon, R., Bou-Zeid, E. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hybrid Devices
A study on the feasibility of using solar radiation energy and ocean thermal energy conversion to supply electricity for offshore oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea Zereshkian, S., Mansoury, D. Journal Article OTEC Field Data, Modeling
A review on energy storage and demand side management solutions in smart energy islands Groppi, D., Pfeifer, A., Garcia, D. Journal Article Grid Integration
Powering the Blue Economy: Progress Exploring Marine Renewable Energy Integration With Ocean Observations Cavagnaro, R., Copping, A. , Green, R. Journal Article Current, Riverine, Tidal, Wave, OTEC Field Data, Lab Data, Modeling
Modeling and optimization of an ocean thermal energy conversion system for remote islands electrification Vera, D., Baccioli, A., Jurado, F. Journal Article OTEC Modeling
Innovation Outlook: Ocean Energy Technologies IRENA Report Current, Tidal, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Variable renewable energy sources for powering reverse osmosis desalination, with a case study of wave powered desalination for Kilifi, Kenya Leijon, J., Salar, D., Engström, J. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Ocean thermal energy application technologies for unmanned underwater vehicles: A comprehensive review Wang, G., Yang, Y., Wang, S. Journal Article OTEC
Double stage controller optimization for load frequency stabilization in hybrid wind-ocean wave energy based maritime microgrid system Latif, A., Hussain, S. , Das, D. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Hybrid Devices
Future Vision for Autonomous Ocean Observations Whitt, C., Pearlman, J., Polagye, B. Journal Article
Tidal Supplementary Control Schemes-Based Load Frequency Regulation of a Fully Sustainable Marine Microgrid Fayek, H., Mohammadi-Ivatloo, B. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave Modeling Control, Hybrid Devices
Accelerating Energy Innovation for the Blue Economy The Economist Intelligence Unit Report Current, Tidal, Wave, OTEC
Renewable Ammonia as an Energy Fuel for Ocean Exploration and Transportation Liu, J., Cavagnaro, R., Deng, Z. Journal Article Wave
Optimal design of the ocean thermal energy conversion systems involving weather and energy demand variations Hernández-Romero, I., Nápoles-Rivera, F., Flores-Tlacuahuac, A. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Performance
An analysis of the market potential for ocean renewable energy in industrial maritime sectors of Australia’s Blue Economy Bellon de Chassy, A. Thesis Current, Tidal, Wave