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A comprehensive review of ocean wave energy research and development in China Qiu, S. , Liu, K. , Wang, D. Journal Article Wave Field Data
The Critical Role of International Standards and Certification for the Marine Energy Industry Colby, J., Staby, P., Musial, W. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Application of a multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM) model for selecting appropriate maintenance strategy for marine and offshore machinery operations Asuquo, M., Wang, J., Zhang, L. Journal Article Modeling
Technical Requirements for the implementation of Structured Innovation in Ocean Energy Systems Tunga, I. , Bradley, S. , Eraut, N. Report
Technical Requirements for the Assessment Design Tools Nava, V., Gonzalez, I., Mendia, J. Report Performance
Technical requirements for the implementation of a worldclass Stage Gate Assessment Framework in Ocean Energy Hodges, J., Henderson, J., Holland, M. Report
Technical Requirements for the Deployment Design Tools Nava, V., Touzon, I., Fay, F. Report
In situ observations and simulations of coastal wave field transformation by wave energy converters Contardo, S., Hoeke, R., Hemer, M. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Field Data, Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Device Design Johanning, L., Weller, S., Thies, P. Book Chapter Current, Wave Mooring, Structural
The Marine Resource Iglesias, G. Book Chapter Current, Wave
A strategic analysis of tidal current energy conversion systems in the European Union Segura, E., Morales, R., Somolinos, J. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current, Tidal Field Data
GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis for site selection of hybrid offshore wind and wave energy systems in Greece Vasileiou, M., Loukogeorgaki, E., Vagiona, D. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hybrid Devices
Mooring System Considerations for Renewable Energy Standards Cribbs, A., Karrsten, G., Shelton, J. Conference Paper Current, Wave Modeling Mooring
Implementation and evaluation of the International Electrotechnical Commission specification for tidal stream energy resource assessment: A case study Ramos, V., Ringwood, J. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Optimising power transmission options for marine energy converter farms Nambiar, A., Collin, A., Karatzounis, S. Journal Article Array Effects, Grid Integration, Materials, Performance
Scientific Validation of Standards for Tidal Current Energy Resource Assessment Toupin, M. Thesis Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling
An analysis of the optimum renewable energy portfolio using the bottom–up model: Focusing on the electricity generation sector in South Korea Park, S., Yun, B., Yun, C. Journal Article Current, Wave
Modeling and analysis of a sea wave energy converter Machado, I., Watanabe, E. , Garcia-Rosa, P. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Grid Integration
Review of Hydraulic Transmission Technologies for Wave Power Generation Lin, Y., Bao, J., Liu, H. Journal Article Wave Power Take Off, Structural
Appraisal of IEC Standards for Wave and Tidal Energy Resource Assessment Cornett, A., Toupin, M., Baker, S. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Review of Standards/Guidelines for Marine Renewables ORE Catapult Report Current, Wave
Methodology for design and economic analysis of marine energy conversion (MEC) technologies Neary, V. , Lawson, M. , Previsic, M. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Accelerating the development of marine energy: Exploring the prospects, benefits and challenges Jeffery, H., Jay, B., Winskel, M. Journal Article Current, Wave
Numerical modeling of a wave energy converter based on U-shaped interior oscillating water column Fonseca, N., Pessoa, J. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Performance, Power Take Off
Protocols for the Equitable Assessment of Marine Energy Converters Ingram, D., Smith, G., Ferriera, C. Book Current, Tidal, Wave
Equimar: Development of best practices for the engineering performance appraisal of wave and tidal energy converters Johnstone, C., McCombes, T., Bahaj, S. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave Performance
International standards for the appraisal of wave energy converters Tietje, E. Conference Paper Wave
Numerical analysis of the characteristics of vertical axis tidal current turbines Li, Y., Calisal, S. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Tank Testing of Wave Energy Conversion Systems Holmes, B. Report Current, Tidal, Wave Lab Data
Assessment of Performance of Tidal Energy Conversion Systems Swift, R. Report Current, Tidal Performance
Guidelines for Reliability, Maintainability and Survivability of Marine Energy Conversion Systems Starling, M. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Guidelines for Project Development in the Marine Energy Industry Croll, P., Andina-Pendas, I. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Assessment of Wave Energy Resource Pitt, E. Report Wave
Guidelines for Marine Energy Certification Schemes Flinn, J., Veritas, D. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Guidelines for Grid Connection of Marine Energy Conversion Systems Greedy, L., Hassan, G., Partners Limited Report Current, Tidal, Wave Grid Integration
Guidelines for Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing of Marine Energy Conversion Systems McNicoll, A. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Assessment of Performance of Wave Energy Conversion Systems Pitt, E. Report Wave Performance
Assessment of Tidal Energy Resource Legrand, C. Report Current, Tidal
Guidelines for Design Basis of Marine Energy Conversion Systems Davies, P. Report Current, Tidal, Wave Structural
Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Marine Energy Industry Renewable UK Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Certification of Tidal and Wave Energy Converters DNV GL Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Certification of Marine Energy Converters: The Experience so Far Ferreira, C. Journal Article Wave
On Assessing the Reliability and Availability of Marine Energy Converters: The Problems of a New Technology Wolfram, J. Journal Article Current, Wave
EC FPVI co-ordinated action on ocean energy: A European platform for sharing technical information and research outcomes in wave and tidal energy systems Johnstone, C., Nielsen, K., Lewis, T. Journal Article Current, Wave