Signature Projects are intended to bring focus to a selection of U.S. Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) projects. By designating a Signature Project, the project reports, datasets, and associated papers can be easily discoverable. By bringing together all aspects of a project, whether a completed legacy project or an ongoing investigation, the MRE community can be informed of what investigations have been undertaken, which have succeeded, what tools are available, and where gaps in information persist.

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Associated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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IEC TC 114 Strategic Business Plan IEC TC 114 Report Current, Wave
Wave energy resources assessment for the multi-modal sea state of Hawaii Li, N., García-Medina, G., Cheung, K. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Wave resource characterization at regional and nearshore scales for the U.S. Alaska coast based on a 32-year high-resolution hindcast García-Medina, G., Yang, Z., Wu, W-C. Journal Article Wave Modeling
IEC TS 62600-4:2020 - Part 4: Specification for establishing qualification of new technology IEC Guidance Current, Tidal, Wave
Sri Lankan wave energy resource assessment and characterisation based on IEC standards Lokuliyana, R., Folley, M., Gunawardane, S. Journal Article Wave Modeling
IEC TS 62600-1:2020 - Part 1: Vocabulary IEC Guidance Current, Ocean Current, Tidal, Wave
PacWave Wave Resource Assessment Dunkle, G., Robertson, B., García-Medina, G. Report Wave Modeling, Test Center
IEC TS 62600-3:2020 - Part 3: Measurement of mechanical loads IEC Guidance Current, Riverine, Tidal, Wave Structural
A High-Resolution Regional Wave Resource Characterization for the U.S. West Coast Wang, T., Yang, Z., Rollano, F. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Modeling Assessment of Tidal Energy Extraction in the Western Passage Yang, Z., Wang, T., Xiao, Z. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling
Characterizing Wave Energy Resources for Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and U.S Virgin Islands Using an Ultra High-Resolution Wave Model Allahdadi, N., He, R., Chartrand, C. Presentation Wave Field Data, Modeling
High-Resolution Regional Wave Hindcast for Hawaii García-Medina, G., Yang, Z., Li, N. Report Wave Field Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics
IEC TS 62600-2:2019 - Part 2: Marine energy systems - Design requirements IEC Guidance Current, Wave Structural
IEC TS 62600-301:2019 - Part 301: River energy resource assessment IEC Guidance Current, Riverine
IEC TS 62600-300:2019 - Part 300: Electricity producing river energy converters - Power performance assessment IEC Guidance Current, Riverine Performance
Marine energy resource characterization, and classification in the United States Kilcher, L., Neary, V., Yang, Z. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave Field Data, Modeling
IEC TS 62600-20:2019 - Part 20: Design and analysis of an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant - General guidance IEC Guidance OTEC
IEC TS 62600-40:2019 - Part 40: Acoustic characterization of marine energy converters IEC Guidance Current, Wave Acoustics
The Critical Role of International Standards and Certification for the Marine Energy Industry Colby, J., Staby, P., Musial, W. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Tidal & River Energy Converters Power Curve Assessment: a standard protocol derived from IEC 62600-200 Larivier-Gillet, N., Barrou, K., Prevost, F. Conference Paper Current, Riverine, Tidal Performance
IEC TS 62600-30:2018 - Part 30: Electrical power quality requirements IEC Guidance Current, Ocean Current, Tidal, Wave
IEC TS 62600-103:2018 - Part 103: Guidelines for the early stage development of wave energy converters - Best practices and recommended procedures for the testing of pre-prototype devices IEC Guidance Wave
Advancing IEC standardisation and certification for tidal energy convertors Scheijgrond, P., Southall, A., Bittencourt, C. Conference Paper Current, Tidal
Application of the IEC tidal resource and characterization assessment technical specification to the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy (RITE) Site Haas, K., Xu, T., Colby, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling
Accelerating marine energy commercialization through standards and certification development Colby, J., Adonizio, M., Hernandez, A. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Characterisation of Ocean Energy Resource to IEC Standards: WestWave Project Experience Barker, A., Murphy, J., Cooney, C. Conference Paper Wave
IEC TS 62600-102:2016 - Part 102: Wave energy converter power performance assessment at a second location using measured assessment data IEC Guidance Wave Performance
Scientific Validation of Standards for Tidal Current Energy Resource Assessment Toupin, M. Thesis Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling
Tidal and River Energy Converter Debris Impact Load and Cable Snag Risk Quantification Wilson, C. Report Current, Riverine, Tidal Field Data, Modeling Mooring, Structural
IEC TS 62600-101:2015 - Part 101: Wave energy resource assessment and characterization IEC Guidance Wave
IEC TS 62600-201:2015 - Part 201: Tidal energy resource assessment and characterization IEC Guidance Current, Tidal
IEC TS 62600-10:2015 - Part 10: Assessment of mooring system for marine energy converters (MECs) IEC Guidance Current, Wave Mooring
Characterization of U.S. Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Test Sites: A Catalogue of Met-Ocean Data Dallman, A., Neary, V. Report Wave Field Data, Test Center
IEC TS 62600-200:2013 - Part 200: Electricity producing tidal energy converters - Power performance assessment IEC Guidance Current, Tidal Performance
IEC TS 62600-100:2012 - Part 100: Electricity producing wave energy converters - Power performance assessment IEC Guidance Wave Performance