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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Challenges for the integration of ocean energy in Ibero-American power systems Lafoz, M., Villalba, I., Najera, J. Presentation Grid Integration
Role of permeability coefficients in salinity gradient energy generation by PRO systems with spiral wound membrane modules Ruiz-García, A., Tadeo, F., Nuez, I. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Modeling Materials, Performance
Combining offshore wind and wave energy to supply a big size desalination plant Del Rio-Gamero, B., Rodríguez, J., Arocha, P. Conference Paper Wave
Premises for an annual energy production and capacity factor improvement towards a few optimised wave energy converters configurations and resources pairs Choupin, O., Tetu, A., Del Rio-Gamero, B. Journal Article Wave Array Effects, Grid Integration, Performance
Performance indicators for coupling desalination plants with wave energy Rio-Gamero, B., Alecio, T., Schallenberg-Rodriguez, J. Journal Article Wave
Integration of assessment-methods for wave renewable energy: Resource and installation feasibility Choupin, O., Rio-Gamero, B., Schallenberg-Rodriguez, J. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance
New Type of Linear Switched Reluctance Generator for Wave Energy Applications Garcia-Tabares, L., Lafoz, M., Blanco, M. Journal Article Wave Power Take Off
Technical and economic evaluation of the integration of a wind-hydro system in El Hierro island Latorre, F., Quintana, J., de la Nuez, I. Journal Article Hybrid Devices
Significant Wave Height and Energy Flux Prediction for Marine Energy Applications: A Grouping Genetic Algorithm - Extreme Learning Machine Approach Cornejo-Bueno, L., Nieto-Borge, J., García-Díaza, P. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Significant wave height and energy flux prediction for marine energy applications: A grouping genetic algorithm – Extreme Learning Machine approach Cornejo-Bueno, L., Nieto-Borge, J., García-Díaz, P. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Computational intelligence in wave energy: Comprehensive review and case study Cuadra, L., Salcedo-Sanz, S., Nieto-Borge, J. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control