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Dear Members of the Tethys Engineering Community,

As Tethys Engineering continues to grow and expand, we need your help in providing additional content for the knowledge database. We are constantly seeking new documents that pertain to the technical and engineering aspects of marine renewable energy development.

If you have content you wish to add to Tethys Engineering, let us know!

To add documents to Tethys:

  • Please email the PDF if the document can be posted;
  • Alternatively, if copyright laws prevent posting or you do not have a PDF, please provide a URL where the document can be accessed.

To add high-resolution device photos to the Photo Library:

  • If you are a developer, please email high-resolution photos of devices during deployment or testing. Tethys Engineering only posts photos that are free for third party use with attribution.

If you have any questions, or wish to contribute, please email

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