Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Tethys Engineering so important for marine renewable energy?

Tethys Engineering allows users to search for and access valuable data and information related to the engineering and technical aspects of marine renewable energy. 

2. Where do I find the Tethys Engineering content?

The best place to get started is the Tethys Engineering Knowledge Base, which shows all the content of Tethys Engineering. Another way to view content is with the Map Viewer, which shows geotagged content on a map. Finally, you can always perform a keyword search in the upper right, but the functionality of this search is not as advanced as the Knowledge Base.

3. Where does Tethys Engineering content come from?

Tethys Engineering content is constantly growing, actively collected by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Documents are collected by subscribing for journal alerts, networking with professionals, scanning other related databases, mining citations in key reports, and by receiving suggestions from the Tethys Engineering community. Instructions for contributing to Tethys Engineering can be found here.

4. How do I know the material on Tethys Engineering is accurate or complete?

Significant effort is placed on ensuring that new content is captured in the database, that documents are tagged correctly, that links function properly. However, your help in identifying errors is greatly appreciated - simply contact us.Anchor

5. How can I contribute content to Tethys Engineering?

If you have documents, data, webinars, or other information which you think belong on Tethys Engineering, let us know! Send us an email with a description of your information and will be more than happy to work with you to get your information on Tethys Engineering.

6. Why should I register on Tethys Engineering? Can't I already access all the content?

While all content is available on the Knowledge Base, registration on Tethys Engineering provides access to a number of personalization and interaction features (learn how to register here). Currently, registered users can:

  • Register for Tethys Engineering Blasts and webinar announcements
  • Access contact information for members of the community and be personally included in these contact lists
  • Save preferences for entry on the Knowledge Base and Map Viewer

7. If I register, what happens to my personal information?

All personal information collected during registration is used solely for administrative purposes. Your information will not be shared with any third parties.

8. How can I change personal information on my user account?

Simply visit your account page to update your registration information, typically accessed in the upper right of the screen after logging in.

9. Why does the Map Viewer have less content that the Knowledge Base?

The Map Viewer only has geotagged content available while the Knowledge Base contains all content on Tethys Engineering

10. I can’t find what I’m looking for and/or have questions that are not answered here. Can you help?

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, and have searched all possible fields, please feel free to contact us.