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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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The Economic Feasibility of Floating Offshore Wave Energy Farms in the North of Spain Castro-Santos, L., Bento, A. , Guedes Soares, C. Journal Article Wave
A Software for Calculating the Economic Aspects of Floating Offshore Renewable Energies Castro-Santos, L., Filgueira-Vizoso, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hybrid Devices
Application of vibration monitoring to the detection of early misalignment and rub failures in a tidal turbine De Cal, B. Journal Article Current, Tidal
Calculation of the Levelized Cost Of Energy and the Internal Rate of Return using GIS: the case study of a floating wave energy farm Castro-Santos, L., Filgueira-Vizoso, A., Piegari, L. Conference Paper Wave
Planning of the installation of offshore renewable energies: A GIS approach of the Portuguese roadmap Castro-Santos, L., Garcia, G., Simões, T. Journal Article
Economic Feasibility of Wave Energy Farms in Portugal Castro-Santos, L., Silva, D., Bento, A. Journal Article Wave
Economic comparison of technological alternatives to harness offshore wind and wave energies Castros-Santos, L., Martins, E., Soares, C. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Cost assessment methodology for combined wind and wave floating offshore renewable energy systems Castro-Santos, L., Martins, E., Soares, C. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Methodology to Calculate the Costs of a Floating Offshore Renewable Energy Farm Castros-Santos, L., Martins, E., Soares, C. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator Modeling
The new wave energy converter WaveCat: Concept and laboratory tests Fernandez, H., Iglesias, G., Carballo, R. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Lab Data, Scale Device
Anchoring systems for marine renewable energies offshore platforms Rodriguez, R., Gorrochategui, I., Vidal, C. Conference Paper Current, Wave Mooring
Wave energy potential in Galicia (NW Spain) Iglesias, G., Lopez, M., Carballo, R. Journal Article Wave Modeling