Amon, E.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Field test study and quasi-static analysis of global characteristics and survivability of a wave energy converter test platform mooring system Lou, J., Yim, S., Baker, J. Journal Article Wave Field Data Mooring
Grid emulator for compliance testing of Wave Energy Converters Biligiri, K., Harpool, S., von Jouanne, A. Conference Paper Wave Acoustics, Grid Integration
Advancing the Wave Energy Industry von Jouanne, A., Brekken, T., Lettenmaier, T. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave Test Center
Testing the WET-NZ Wave Energy Converter Using the Ocean Sentinel Instrumentation Buoy Lettenmaier, T., von Jouanne, A., Amon, E. Journal Article Wave Test Center, Scale Device Performance
A novel Ocean Sentinel instrumentation buoy for wave energy testing von Jouanne, A., Brekken, T., Lettenmaier, T. Conference Paper Wave
Maximum Power Point Tracking for Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Amon, E., Brekken, T., Schacher, A. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Control
Comparison of Direct-Drive Power Takeoff Systems for Ocean Wave Energy Applications Rhinefrank, K., Schacher, A., Prudell, J. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Scale Device Power Take Off
A power analysis and data acquisition system for ocean wave energy device testing Amon, E., Brekken, T., von Jouanne, A. Journal Article Wave
A Permanent-Magnet Tubular Linear Generator for Ocean Wave Energy Conversion Prudell, J., Stoddard, M., Amon, E. Journal Article Wave Power Take Off
A novel maximum power point tracking algorithm for ocean wave energy devices Amon, E., Schacher, A., Brekken, T. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Control
Numerical Modeling and Ocean Testing of a Direct-Drive Wave Energy Device Utilizing a Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Power Take-Off Elwood, D., Schacher, A., Rhinefrank, K. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Modeling Power Take Off