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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Whole-life modelling of anchor capacity for floating systems: The RSNsingle bondCSI approach Kwa, K., White, D., Tosdevin, T. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Modeling of a hinged-raft wave energy converter via deep operator learning and wave tank experiments Zhang, J., Zhao, X., Greaves, D. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Power output estimation of a two-body hinged raft wave energy converter using HF radar measured representative sea states at Wave Hub in the UK Wang, D., Jin, S., Hann, M. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator Field Data, Lab Data Hydrodynamics, Performance
A designed two-body hinged raft wave energy converter: From experimental study to annual power prediction for the EMEC site using WEC-Sim Jin, S., Wang, D., Hann, M. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Performance
A Review of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters Guo, B., Wang, T., Jin, S. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber
Phase-resolved real-time ocean wave prediction with quantified uncertainty based on variational Bayesian machine learning Zhang, J., Zhao, X., Jin, S. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling Control
On the scalability of wave energy converters Jin, S., Zheng, S., Greaves, D. Journal Article Wave Modeling, Full Scale
Niche Applications and Flexible Devices for Wave Energy Conversion: A Review Renzi, E., Michele, S., Zheng, S. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Power output estimation of WEC with HF radar measured complex representative sea states Wang, D., Conley, D., Hann, M. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Performance, Structural
Extreme responses of a hinged raft type wave energy convertor Tosdevin, T., Jin, S., Caio, A. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Mooring
Wave energy in the UK: Status review and future perspectives Jin, S., Greaves, D. Journal Article Wave
Viscosity effect on a point absorber wave energy converter hydrodynamics validated by simulation and experiment Jin, S., Patton, R., Guo, B. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics