Jones, C.

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Wave Data Assimilation in Support of Wave Energy Converter Power Prediction: Yakutat, Alaska Case Study Dallman, A., Khalil, M., Raghukumar, K. Conference Paper Wave, Pressure Differential Modeling
Performance Characteristics of "Spotter," a Newly Developed Real-Time Wave Measurement Buoy Raghukumar, K., Chang, G., Spada, F. Journal Article Wave Performance
Wave Energy Converter Arrays: Optimizing Power Production While Minimizing Environmental Effects Raghukumar, K., McWilliams, S., Chang, G. Conference Paper Current, Wave Modeling Array Effects, Performance
Assessment of Wave Energy Resources and Factors Affecting Conversion Jones, C., Chang, G., Dallman, A. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics
The Use Of Wave Focusing Technologies For Wave Energy Conversion Applications Raftery, M., Jones, C. Conference Paper Wave Performance
A comprehensive evaluation of factors affecting the levelized cost of wave energy conversion projects Chang, G., Jones, C., Roberts, J. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Numerical modeling of the effects of wave energy converter characteristics on nearshore wave conditions Chang, G., Ruehl, K., Jones, C. Journal Article Wave Modeling
The regional employment returns from wave and tidal energy: A Welsh analysis Fanning, T. , Jones, C., Munday, M. Journal Article Wave
Wave Energy Converter Effects on Wave Fields: Evaluation of SNL-SWAN and Sensitivity Studies in Monterey Bay, CA Chang, G., Magalen, J., Jones, C. Report Wave Lab Data, Modeling