Khan, M.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Load Frequency Control of Marine Microgrid System Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources Zhang, G., Khan, I., Daraz, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Grid Integration
Harvesting Energy from Ocean: Technologies and Perspectives Khan, M., Khan, H., Aziz, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC Performance
A use case of exclusive economic zone of Pakistan for wave power potential estimation Khan, M., Khalid, A., Lughmani, W. Journal Article Wave
Impact of sloping porous seabed on the efficiency of an OWC against oblique waves Khan, M., Behera, H. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Performance
Numerical modeling for wave attenuation in double trapezoidal porous structures Behera, H., Khan, M. Journal Article Modeling Materials, Structural, Substructure
State of The Art Tidal Energy Systems: Issues, Challenges, and Possible Solutions Danial, Khan, M., Siddiqui, A. Conference Paper Current, Tidal
Hydrokinetic energy conversion systems and assessment of horizontal and vertical axis turbines for river and tidal applications: A technology status review Khan, M., Bhuyan, G., Iqbal, M. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Cross Flow Turbine
River current energy conversion systems: Progress, prospects and challenges Khan, M., Iqbal, M., Quaicoe, J. Journal Article Current, Riverine
A Technology Review and Simulation Based Performance Analysis of River Current Turbine Systems Khan, M., Iqbal, M., Quaicoe, J. Conference Paper Current, Riverine Modeling