Lee, S.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Development of Two-way Type Tidal power Optimization Program(K-TOP3.0) Lee, S., Jang, T., Kim, H. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling
High-Salinity Pressure Retarded Osmosis Using Seawater Reverse Osmosis Brine Lee, S., Kim, S., Park, Y. Book Chapter Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis
A novel control method to maximize the energy-harvesting capability of an adjustable slope angle wave energy converter Tri, N. , Truong, D., Thinh, D. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Performance
Experimental study on kinetic energy conversion of horizontal axis tidal stream turbine Seo, J., Lee, S., Choi, W. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Hydrodynamics
Evaluation of fouling potential and power density in pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) by fouling index Choi, Y., Vigneswaran, S., Lee, S. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Lab Data
Porous carbon-coated graphite electrodes for energy production from salinity gradient using reverse electrodialysis Lee, S., Jeong, Y., Chae, S. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis Lab Data Materials, Performance
Three-dimensional flow visualization in the wake of a miniature axial-flow hydrokinetic turbine Chamorro, L., Troolin, D., Lee, S. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine Lab Data, Scale Device Hydrodynamics
Geotechnical issues related to renewable energy Yun, T., Lee, J., Lee, S. Journal Article Current, Wave Materials
A numerical study for the optimal arrangement of ocean current turbine generators in the ocean current power parks Lee, S., Jang, K., Lee, J. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current Modeling Array Effects
Mathematical Model for Economic Evaluation of Tidal Power in the Bay of Fundy Lee, S., Dechamps, C. Journal Article Current, Tidal