Lewis, T.

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Wake effect assessment of a flap type wave energy converter farm under realistic environmental conditions by using a numerical coupling methodology Tomey-Bozo, N., Babarit, A., Murphy, J. Journal Article Wave Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance
Techno-Economic Optimization of a Deep Water Oscillating Water Column Device Previsic, M., Karthikeyan, A., McCarthy, J. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Structural
Workshop on identification of future emerging technologies in the ocean energy sector Magagna, D., Marghetini, L., Alessi, A. Report Current, Wave
Performance assessment of wave measurements of wave buoys Liu, Q., Lewis, T., Zhang, Y. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Test Center, Scale Device Hydrodynamics, Performance
Physical modelling of wave energy converters Sheng, W., Alcorn, R., Lewis, T. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Scale Device
Weather Window Analysis of Irish and Portuguese Wave Data With Relevance to Operations and Maintenance of Marine Renewables O'Connor, M., Lewis, T., Dalton, G. Conference Paper Wave Field Data
Wave Energy Resource Characterisation of the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site Cahill, B. , Lewis, T. Journal Article Wave Field Data, Test Center
Weather window analysis of Irish west coast wave data with relevance to operations & maintenance of marine renewables O'Connor, M., Lewis, T., Dalton, G. Journal Article Wave
Techno-economic performance of the Pelamis P1 and Wavestar at different ratings and various locations in Europe O'Connor, M., Lewis, T., Dalton, G. Journal Article Wave Performance
Operational expenditure costs for wave energy projects and impacts on financial returns O'Connor, M., Lewis, T., Dalton, G. Journal Article Wave
A 10 year installation program for wave energy in Ireland: A case study sensitivity analysis on financial returns Dalton, G., Alcorn, R., Lewis, T. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Wave Energy Resource Characterization and the Evaluation of Potential Wave Farm Sites Cahill, B. , Lewis, T. Conference Paper Wave
Wave Energy Grid Integration in Ireland – A Case Study Blavette, A., O'Sullivan, D., Egan, M. Conference Paper Wave Grid Integration
Case study feasibility analysis of the Pelamis wave energy convertor in Ireland, Portugal and North America Dalton, G., Alcorn, R., Lewis, T. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator
EC FPVI co-ordinated action on ocean energy: A European platform for sharing technical information and research outcomes in wave and tidal energy systems Johnstone, C., Nielsen, K., Lewis, T. Journal Article Current, Wave