Liu, C.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Type of Content Technology Collection Method Application
Sandwich-like Triboelectric Nanogenerators Integrated Self-Powered Buoy for Navigation Safety Wang, H., Fan, Z., Zhao, T. Journal Article Wave Lab Data Substructure
Ocean thermal energy utilization process in underwater vehicles: Modelling, temperature boundary analysis, and sea trail Zhang, H., Liu, C., Yang, Y. Journal Article OTEC Field Data, Modeling
A Flexible Membrane Breakwater with a Piezoelectric Layer for Providing Harborage and Wave-Energy Conversion Liu, C., Huang, Z. Journal Article Wave Grid Integration, Performance
Study on the Optimal Wave Energy Absorption Power of a Float in Waves Luan, Z., He, G., Zhang, Z. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Charge-Free Mixing Entropy Battery Enabled by Low-Cost Electrode Materials Ye, M., Pasta, M., Xie, X. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Scale Device Performance
An actuator line - immersed boundary method for simulation of multiple tidal turbines Liu, C., Hu, C. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
CFD simulation of tidal current farm by using AL model Liu, C., Hu, C. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Performance investigation of a two-raft-type wave energy converter with hydraulic power take-off unit Liu, C., Yang, Q., Bao, G. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off
Wave energy absorption of a wave farm with an array of buoys and flexible runway Zhang, H., Xu, D., Liu, C. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off
Design, construction and ocean testing of wave energy conversion system with permanent magnet tubular linear generator Chen, Z., Yu, H., Liu, C. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Full Scale Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Offshore wave energy resource assessment in the East China Sea Wu, S., Liu, C., Chen, X. Journal Article Wave Field Data