Lomonaco, P.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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A Removable elevated-hinge wave generator for testing marine energy devices Lomonaco, P., Robertson, B., Rea, I. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data Hydrodynamics, Performance
Array modeling and testing of fixed OWC type Wave Energy Converters Brekken, T., Lomonaco, P., DuPont, B. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Array Effects, Performance
A Preliminary Study on the Modeling and Analysis of Nonlinear Effects of Ocean Waves and Power Take Off Control on Wave Energy Conversion System Dynamics Yim, S., Adami, N., Bosma, B. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Power Take Off
Array Design and Device Damping Assignment of Fixed Oscillating Water Columns Sharp, C., DuPont, B., Bosma, B. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Array Effects, Control
Design, Development, and Testing of a Scaled Vertical Axis Pendulum Wave Energy Converter Boren, B., Lomonaco, P., Batten, B. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Lab Data, Scale Device Performance
WEC-Sim Phase 1 Validation Testing-Experimental Setup and Initial Results Bosma, B., Simmons, A., Lomonaco, P. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data, Modeling
Creating a Dynamometer for Experimental Validation of Power Take-Off Forces on a Wave Energy Converter Simmons, A., Brekken, T., Lomonaco, P. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Power Take Off