Michele, S.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Hydrodynamic performance of a U-shaped oscillating water column consisting of a flexible bottom-standing front wall Zheng, S., Michele, S., Lee, Y. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Hydrodynamics, Performance
Hydroelastic theory for offshore floating plates of variable flexural rigidity Michele, S., Zheng, S., Borthwick, A. Conference Paper Wave, Attenuator Hydrodynamics
Wave energy extraction from a floating flexible circular plate Michele, S., Zheng, S., Greaves, D. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics
Niche Applications and Flexible Devices for Wave Energy Conversion: A Review Renzi, E., Michele, S., Zheng, S. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Power extraction from floating elastic plates Michele, S., Buriani, F., Renzi, E. Conference Paper Wave Performance
Wave Energy Extraction by Flexible Floaters Michele, S., Buriani, F., Renzi, E. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance
Power extraction in regular and random waves from an OWC in hybrid wind-wave energy systems Michele, S., Renzi, E., Pérez-Collazo, C. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data, Modeling Hybrid Devices, Hydrodynamics
A second-order theory for an array of curved wave energy converters in open sea Michele, S., Renzi, E. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Weakly nonlinear theory for a gate-type curved array in waves Michele, S., Renzi, E., Sammarco, P. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics
Theory of the synchronous motion of an array of floating flap gates oscillating wave surge converter Michele, S., Sammarco, P., d’Errico, M. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance