Navarro, G.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Analysis of Ocean Energy Integration in Ibero-American Electric Grids Lafoz, M., Villalba, I., Blanco, M. Conference Paper Wave Grid Integration
A Novel proposal of PTO direct-drive linear generator, an Azimuthal Multi-translator Switched Reluctance Machine (AMSRM): mechanical, characterization and performance tests Lafoz, M., Blanco, M., Navarro, G. Conference Paper Wave Modeling, Test Center Performance, Power Take Off
Wave Farms Integration in a 100% renewable isolated small power system -frequency stability and grid compliance analysis Blanco, M., Navarro, G., Najera, J. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Grid Integration
Recent Advances in Direct-Drive Power Take-Off (DDPTO) Systems for Wave Energy Converters Based on Switched Reluctance Machines (SRM) Blanco, M., Torres, J., Santos-Herrán, M. Book Chapter Wave Power Take Off
Simplified PTO model of a novel direct-drive PTO based on an azimuthal linear switched reluctance generator. Blanco, M., Santos-Herrán, M., Navarro, G. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Control, Grid Integration, Performance, Power Take Off
New Type of Linear Switched Reluctance Generator for Wave Energy Applications Garcia-Tabares, L., Lafoz, M., Blanco, M. Journal Article Wave Power Take Off
Dimensioning of Point Absorbers for Wave Energy Conversion by Means of Differential Evolutionary Algorithms Blanco, M., Lafoz, M., Ramirez, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Structural