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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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On the relevant, realistic and effective criteria for wave energy technology assessment – a dialogue with EWTEC2019 paper ID 1426 Ruiz-Minguela, P., Blanco, J., Nava, V. Conference Paper Conference Paper Wave Modeling Performance
An International Evaluation and Guidance Framework for Ocean Energy Technology Hodges, J., Henderson, J., Ruedy, L. Report Report Current, Tidal, Wave Control, Performance
DTOceanPlus Deliverable D3.3 Testing and verification results of the Structured Innovation tool – Beta version Tunga, I., Ball, K., Tatlock, B. Report Report Structural
Design tools for offshore renewable energy Villate, J., Ruiz-Minguela, P., Pérez-Morán, G. Journal Article Journal Article Current, Wave Modeling
Review of Systems Engineering (SE) Methods and Their Application to Wave Energy Technology Development Ruiz-Minguela, P., Nava, V., Hodges, J. Journal Article Journal Article Wave Performance, Structural
DTOceanPlus Deliverable D3.2: Structured Innovation design tool – Alpha version Tunga, I., Abrahams, M., Khan, H. Report Report Performance, Structural
DTOceanPlus Deliverable D4.2: Stage Gate tool – Alpha version Hudson, B., Henderson, J., Hodges, J. Report Report Structural
Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Ocean Energy Villate, J., Ruiz-Minguela, P., Berque, J. Report Report Current, Tidal, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC Field Data, Modeling Control, Grid Integration, Mooring, Power Take Off, Structural
Applying International Power Quality Standards for Current Harmonic Distortion to Wave Energy Converters and Verified Device Emulators Kelly, J., Aldaiturriaga, E., Ruiz-Minguela, P. Journal Article Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Performance
Reducing variability in the cost of energy of ocean energy arrays Topper, M., Nava, V., Collin, A. Journal Article Journal Article Current, Wave Modeling Array Effects
Methods for identifying attractive wave energy scenarios Roberts, O., Ruiz-Minguela, P., Jeffrey, H. Conference Paper Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Control strategies for a wave energy converter connected to a hydraulic power take-off Ricci, P., Lopez, J., Santos, M. Journal Article Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Control, Power Take Off
Control Strategies for a simple Point-Absorber Connected to a Hydraulic Power Take-off Ricci, P., Santos, M., Villate, J. Conference Paper Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Control, Hydrodynamics, Power Take Off
OCEANTEC: Sea Trials of a Quarter Scale Prototype Salcedo, F., Ruiz-Minguela, P., Rodriguez, R. Conference Paper Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Modeling Mooring, Structural