Wang, B.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Publication Type Type of Content Technology Collection Method Application
Design, modeling and experiments of swing L-shape piezoelectric beam applied to tidal and wave energy harvesting Feng, B., Xu, H., Wang, B. Journal Article Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave Lab Data Performance
Study on improving the storage efficiency of ocean thermal energy storage (OTES) unit by using fins Li, S., Zhang, Y., Zhou, Z. Journal Article Journal Article OTEC Modeling Hybrid Devices, Performance
Pendular-Translational Hybrid Nanogenerator Harvesting Water Wave Energy Sun, Y., Zheng, F., Wei, Y. Journal Article Journal Article Wave Performance, Structural
New inorganic coating-based triboelectric nanogenerators with anti-wear and self-healing properties for efficient wave energy harvesting Xu, C., Liu, Y., Zheng, Y. Journal Article Journal Article Wave Materials
Research on Pitch Control Strategies of Horizontal Axis Tidal Current Turbine Wang, B., Hu, T., Guo, Y. Journal Article Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine Control, Performance
High-resolution modeling of the Kuroshio current power south of Japan Liu, T., Wang, B., Hirose, N. Journal Article Journal Article Current, Ocean Current Modeling Hydrodynamics
Blue Energy: Current Technologies for Sustainable Power Generation from Water Salinity Gradient Jia, Z., Wang, B., Song, S. Journal Article Journal Article Salinity Gradient