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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Finite element analysis and wear prediction of polyurethane-steel tension member belt for wave energy Abdellatef, M., Clark, J., Kojimoto, N. Presentation Wave Modeling Materials, Structural
Numerical Modeling of a Small-Scale Wave Energy Converter with Inflation Geometry Control Kelly, M., Boerner, T., Alam, R. Presentation Wave, Point Absorber Modeling, Scale Device Control, Performance
Framework for Revenue Analysis of Regional Electricity Markets in the United States Torre, P., Noor, S., Gonzalez, N. Presentation Wave
A Self-Synchronizing Underwater Acoustic Network for Mooring Load Monitoring of a Wave Energy Converter Beaujean, P., Murray, B., Gunawan, B. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Mooring
Cyclic bend over sheave performance of a steel tension member belt for wave energy conversion Kojimoto, N., Gibson, P., Hagmuller, A. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Power Take Off, Structural
CalWave - xWave Higher Order Dynamics and Autonomous Control Testing CalWave Power Technologies, Inc. Report Wave, Point Absorber Lab Data, Scale Device Control, Hydrodynamics, Performance
Taut Mooring Rope CBOS Testing Lehmann, M., Kojimoto, N. Report Wave, Pressure Differential Lab Data Materials, Mooring
CALM – Characterization and Load Management Demonstration of a submerged WEC Boerner, T., Murray, B., Kojimoto, N. Report Wave, Pressure Differential Scale Device Performance
Two-stage Monte Carlo simulation to forecast levelized cost of electricity for wave energy Sunter, D., Murray, B., Lehmann, M. Conference Paper Wave