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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Data-driven model based adaptive feedback-feed forward control schemes for open cycle - OTEC process Pattanaik, B., Sutha, S., Dinesh, D. Journal Article OTEC, Open-Cycle Lab Data, Modeling Control
Experimental and finite element analysis of the buckling response of thin spherical shells under hyperbaric pressure Pranesh, S., Sathianarayanan, D., Ramadass, G. Journal Article Modeling Structural
Performance analysis of an Open Cycle OTEC power module on laboratory scale Patnaik, B., Mani, A., Dudhgaonkar, P. Conference Paper OTEC, Open-Cycle Lab Data Performance
Wave energy harvesting impulse turbine having ring type blade: Experiments with unsteady flow Raj, R., Anandanarayanan, R., Ravikumar, S. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data Performance, Power Take Off
Future Vision for Autonomous Ocean Observations Whitt, C., Pearlman, J., Polagye, B. Journal Article
Performance evaluation of power module during demonstration of wave-powered navigational buoy Pattanaik, B., Vishwanath, A., Jalihal, P. Journal Article Wave Grid Integration, Performance
Experimental analysis of turbine-chamber coupling for wave energy conversion George, A., Anandanarayanan, R., Suchithra, R. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data Performance
Performance Analysis of an Air Turbine for Ocean Energy Extraction Using CFD Technique Thandayutham, K., Samad, A., Salam, A. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Structural
High efficiency design of an impulse turbine used in oscillating water column to harvest wave energy Badhurshah, R., Dudhgaonkar, P., Jalihal, P. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Performance, Structural
Maximizing power output from a wave energy plant Jayashankar, V., Udayakumar, K., Karthikeyan, B. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data, Modeling Control, Performance