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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Numerical Simulations of Two Back-To-Back Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbines in Free-Surface Flows Yan, J., Deng, X., Xu, F. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Reverse Electrodialysis Chemical Cell for Energy Harvesting from Controlled Acid–Base Neutralization Mei, Y., Liu, L., Lu, Y. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Lab Data Structural
An internal-integrated RED/ED system for energy-saving seawater desalination: A model study Chen, M., Mei, Y., Yu, Y. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis Modeling Hybrid Devices, Performance
Effects of hypochlorite exposure on the structure and electrochemical performance of ion exchange membranes in reverse electrodialysis Mei, Y., Yao, Z., Li, L. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Lab Data Structural
Recent developments and future perspectives of reverse electrodialysis technology: A review Mei, Y., Yang, C. Journal Article Salinity Gradient
A new linear magnetic gear with adjustable gear ratios and its application for direct-drive wave energy extraction Li, W., Chau, K., Lee, C. Journal Article Wave Modeling Structural
Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposite pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) membranes with excellent anti-biofouling property and enhanced water permeability Liu, X., Foo, L. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Materials
Fabrication and characterization of fabric-reinforced pressure retarded osmosis membranes for osmotic power harvesting She, Q., Wei, J., Ma, N. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Lab Data Materials, Performance