Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Alcan's ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) program Hron, V., Fitzpatrick, N., Hay, E. Journal Article OTEC, Open-Cycle
OTEC biofouling and corrosion study at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, 1983--1987 Panchal, C., Stevens, H., Genens, L. Report OTEC Materials
A simple eddy kinetic energy model for simulations of the oceanic vertical mixing: Tests at station Papa and long‐term upper ocean study site Gaspar, P. , Grégoris, Y., Lefevre, J. Journal Article Current, OTEC Modeling Performance
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: An Overview Solar Technical Information Program Report OTEC
Conceptual design analysis for hybrid-cycle OTEC plants for co-production of electric power and desalinated water Rabas, T., Panchal, C., Genens, L. Conference Paper OTEC, Hybrid-Cycle Modeling Performance
Open-Cycle OTEC Seawater Experiments in Hawaii Lewis, L. , Trimble, L., Bowers, J. Conference Paper OTEC, Open-Cycle Lab Data Performance, Structural
Simultaneous Production of Desalinated Water and Power Using a Hybrid-Cycle OTEC Plant Panchal, C., Bell, K. Journal Article OTEC, Hybrid-Cycle Modeling Performance
Overview of metallic materials for heat exchangers for ocean thermal energy conversion systems Kapranos, P., Priestner, R. Journal Article OTEC, Closed-Cycle Materials, Performance
Turbidity currents on steep slopes: Application of an avalanche-type numeric model for ocean thermal energy conversion design Dengler, A., Wilde, P. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Hydrodynamics
OTEC biofouling-control and corrosion-protection study at the Seacoast Test Facility: 1981-1983 Panchal, C., Larsen-Basse, J., Berger, L. Report OTEC Field Data
Hydrogen generation by OTEC electrolysis, and economical energy transfer to world markets via ammonia and methanol Avery, W., Richards, D., Dugger, G. Journal Article OTEC Grid Integration
Falling jet flash evaporators for open cycle ocean thermal energy conversion Wassel, A. , Ghiaasiaan, S. Journal Article OTEC, Open-Cycle Performance
Ocean thermal energy conversion- materials issues Darby, J. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Materials, Performance, Structural
The exergy of the ocean thermal resource and analysis of second-law efficiencies of idealized ocean thermal energy conversion power cycles Johnson, D. Journal Article OTEC, Closed-Cycle Modeling Performance
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Prospects For Near Term Development Lewis, L. Conference Paper OTEC
Inverted vertical spout evaporators for open cycle ocean thermal energy conversion Ghiaasiaan, S., Wassel, A. Journal Article OTEC, Open-Cycle Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Mini-OTEC Operational Results Owens, W., Trimble, L. Journal Article OTEC, Closed-Cycle Field Data Materials, Performance, Structural
OTEC biofouling, corrosion, and materials study from a moored platform at Punta Tuna, Puerto Rico Sasscer, D., Tosteson, T., Morgan, T. Report OTEC Field Data
Assessment of Microbial Fouling in an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Experiment Aftring, R., Taylor, B. Journal Article OTEC Field Data
System Design Considerations for a Floating OTEC Modular Experiment Platform George, J. Conference Paper OTEC, Closed-Cycle Modeling Materials, Performance, Structural
Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) tugboats for iceberg towing in tropical waters Sasscer, D., Ortabasi, U. Journal Article OTEC Scale Device Structural
Preliminary selection of anchor systems for ocean thermal energy conversion Atturio, J., Valent, P., Taylor, R. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Performance, Substructure
Thermal properties of the Florida Current as related to Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Mangarella, P. , Heronemus, W. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Power Take Off
Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) biofouling and corrosion experiment (1977), St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands: Biofouling and site characterization studies Aftring, R., Capone, D., Duguay, L. Report OTEC Field Data
Ocean thermal energy conversion material requirements for large-Scale systems McGowan, J., Heronemus, W. Journal Article OTEC, Open-Cycle Materials
OTEC Commercialization Challenges Cooper, D., Meyer, L., Varley, R. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Materials, Performance, Structural