Condition Monitoring

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Risk and cost optimised condition monitoring system design for marine renewable energy Kenny, C. Thesis Current, Wave
Structural health monitoring of grouted connections for offshore wind turbines by means of acoustic emission: An experimental study Tziavos, N., Hemida, H, Dirar, S. Journal Article Lab Data Materials, Substructure
Investigating Polymer Fibre Optics for Condition Monitoring of Synthetic Mooring Lines Gordelier, T., Rudolph Thies, P., Rinaldi, G. Journal Article Current, Wave Lab Data, Modeling Mooring
Robust mission planning for Autonomous Marine Vehicle fleets Thompson, F., Galeazzi, R. Journal Article Modeling
Powering the Blue Economy: Marine Energy for Enabling Applications including Ocean Observations Copping, A. , Cavagnaro, R., Green, R. Presentation Tidal, Wave Acoustics, Grid Integration, Hybrid Devices
In-Stream Hydrokinetic Turbine Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control - A Benchmark Model Tang, Y., VanZwieten, J., Dunlap, B. Conference Paper Current Control
Multi–chamber oscillating water column wave energy converters and air turbines: A review Shalby, M. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Field Data
Analysing the potentials and effects of multi-use between tidal energy development and environmental protection and monitoring: A case study of the inner sound of the Pentland Firth Sangiuliano, S. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data
Structural Integrity Monitoring of Hybrid Offshore-Wind and Tidal-Current Turbines Kim, W., Yi, J., Park, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Lab Data
WEC design based on refined mean annual energy production for the Israeli Mediterranean coast Stuhlmeier, R., Xu, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Field Data Performance, Structural
Acoustic Emission Technology for Engineering Health Monitoring of a Wave Energy Converter Walsh, J. Thesis Wave, Point Absorber Acoustics
Adapting sonar systems for monitoring ocean energy technologies Francisco, F. Thesis Current, Wave
A multi-parametric criteria for Tidal Energy Converters siting in marine and fluvial environments Zupone, G., Massaro, S., Barbarelli, S. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data Hydrodynamics
Monitoring the condition of Marine Renewable Energy Devices through underwater Acoustic Emissions: Case study of a Wave Energy Converter in Falmouth Bay, UK Walsh, J., Bashir, I., Garrett, J. Journal Article Wave Field Data Acoustics
Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of tidal stream turbines subjected to rotor imbalance faults Allmark, M. Thesis Current, Tidal Modeling
Study on energy conversion and storage system for a prototype buoys-array wave energy converter Liu, Z., Qu, N., Han, Z. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling, Test Center Array Effects, Performance, Power Take Off
Discharge Measurements at La Rance Tidal Power Plant Using Current Meters Method Rolandez, G., Abgottspon, A., Staubli, T. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data, Full Scale Hydrodynamics, Performance
Acoustic emission health monitoring of marine renewables: Illustration with a wave energy converter in Falmouth Bay (UK) Walsh, J., Bashir, I., Thies, P. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Field Data, Full Scale Acoustics
Maximum Lifecycle Tracking for Tidal Energy Generation System Orekan, T., Zhao, Z., Zhang, P. Journal Article Current, Tidal
ReDAPT MC7.2 Public Domain - First Year of Operation Report Sinclair, R. Report Current, Tidal Modeling, Test Center Grid Integration, Performance
Nondirectional and Directional Wave Data Analysis Procedures Earle, M. Report Wave
Ocean thermal energy conversion- materials issues Darby, J. Journal Article OTEC Field Data Materials, Performance, Structural