Hay, A.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Type of Content Technology Collection Method Engineering
Field observations of the wake from a full-scale tidal turbine array Guerra, M., Hay, A. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Field Data, Full Scale Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Turbulent flow mapping in a high-flow tidal channel using mobile acoustic Doppler current profilers Guerra, M., Hay, A., Karsten, R. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data Hydrodynamics
Effect of Fouling on the Performance of an Instream Turbine Starzmann, R., Kaufmann, N., Jeffcoate, P. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling, Full Scale Hydrodynamics, Performance
Near-Surface Flow Mapping using ADCP records in Minas Passage Enders, L., Guerra, M., Karsten, R. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling Acoustics
Mapping the wake of a full-scale floating tidal turbine platform Guerra, M., Hay, A., Karsten, R. Presentation Current, Cross Flow Turbine, Tidal Field Data Hydrodynamics
The InSTREAM Project – Characterizing and Simulating Turbulence from a Test Tank to the Ocean McMillan, J., Stern, P., Clark, T. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Lab Data, Modeling
Turbulence dissipation rates from horizontal velocity profiles at mid-depth in fast tidal flows Horwitz, R., Hay, A. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics
Cost-effective geotechnical and sedimentological early site assessment for ocean renewable energies Stark, N., Hay, A., Trowse, G. Conference Paper Current, Wave Field Data
Turbulence and drag in a high Reynolds number tidal passage targetted for in-stream tidal power Hay, A., McMillan, J., Cheel, R. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Field Data Performance
Analysis of Tidal Turbine Arrays in Digby Gut and Petit Passage, Nova Scotia Karsten, R., O'Flaherty-Sproul, M., McMillan, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling Array Effects