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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Dual-flap Floating Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter: Modelling and Experiment Evaluation Mi, J., Huang, J., Li, X. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Efficient and Reliable Power Takeoff for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Zuo, L., Parker, R., Ngo, K. Report Wave Lab Data Power Take Off
The Critical Role of International Standards and Certification for the Marine Energy Industry Colby, J., Staby, P., Musial, W. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Wave Powered Desalination Systems for Developing Countries and Islands Staby, W. Conference Paper Wave Grid Integration
Constrained Optimal Control of a Flap-Type Wave Energy Converter with a Hydraulic Power Take-Off and Realistic Loss Model Kathikeyan, A., Previsic, M., Chertok, A. Conference Paper Wave Control, Power Take Off
Advanced Direct-Drive Generator for Improved Availability of Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Power Generation Systems Final Technical Report Englebretson, S., Ouyang, W., Tschida, C. Report Wave, Oscillating Water Column Full Scale Power Take Off, Structural
Optimal causal control of wave energy converters in stochastic waves – Accommodating nonlinear dynamic and loss models Nie, R., Scruggs, J., Chertok, A. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Modeling Control, Performance