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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Abrasion testing of fibre rope on impermeable fabrics for wave energy converter systems Mackay, T., Ridge, I. Journal Article Wave Lab Data Materials, Performance
Cyclic bend over sheave performance of a steel tension member belt for wave energy conversion Kojimoto, N., Gibson, P., Hagmuller, A. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Power Take Off, Structural
Cost Optimization of Mooring Solutions for Large Floating Wave Energy Converters Thomsen, J., Ferri, F., Kofoed, J. Journal Article Wave Mooring
Fatigue durability of nylon rope for permanent mooring design Banfield, S., Ridge, I. Conference Paper Wave Mooring
Mooring systems for marine energy converters Flory, J., Banfield, S., Ridge, I. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave Lab Data Materials, Mooring
Initial Assessment of Mooring Solutions for Floating Wave Energy Converters Bjerg, J., Kofoed, J., Delaney, M. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Mooring
Abrasion process between a fibre mooring line and a corroded steel element during the transit and commissioning of a marine renewable energy device Herduin, M., Banfield, S., Weller, S. Journal Article Current, Wave Mooring
Synthetic mooring ropes for marine renewable energy applications Weller, S., Johanning, L., Davies, P. Journal Article Materials, Mooring
A review of synthetic fiber moorings for marine energy applications Davies, P., Johanning, L., Weller S. Conference Paper Current, Wave, OTEC Materials, Mooring
Nylon fibre rope moorings for wave energy converters Ridge, I., Banfield, S., Mackay, J. Conference Paper Mooring