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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Feasibility of wave energy harvesting in the Ligurian Sea Gonzalez, M. , Lavidas, G., Besio, G. Conference Paper Wave
Future wind and wave energy resources and exploitability in the Mediterranean Sea by 2100 Lira-Loarca, A., Ferrari, F., Mazzino, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Perspectives for harnessing the energetic persistent high swells reaching the coast of Chile Mazzaretto, O., Lucero, F., Besio, G. Journal Article Wave Field Data Performance
Blue Growth Development in the Mediterranean Sea: Quantifying the Benefits of an Integrated Wave Energy Converter at Genoa Harbour Lavidas, G., De Leo, F., Besio, G. Journal Article Wave Performance
Techno-economic analysis of multipurpose OTEC power plants Barberis, S., Giugno, A., Sorzana, G. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Performance
Wave Energy Assessment around the Aegadian Islands (Sicily) Lo Re, C., Manno, G., Ciraolo, G. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics
Wave power technologies for the Mediterranean offshore: Scaling and performance analysis Bozzi, S., Besio, G., Passoni, G. Journal Article Wave Modeling, Scale Device Performance
Mechanical design and simulation of an onshore four-bar wave energy converter Albert, A., Berselli, G., Bruzzone, L. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off
Wave energy resource assessment in the Mediterranean Sea on the basis of a 35-year hindcast Besio, G., Mentaschi, L., Mazzino, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling
The Seaspoon innovative wave energy converter Di Fresco, L., Traverso, A. Conference Paper Wave Structural