Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Alaska Field Testing of a BladeRunner Energy Hydrokinetic Turbine Loeffler, B., Arango, M., Duvoy, P. Conference Paper Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Riverine Field Data, Test Center
Material and Cost Efficient Modular Riverine Hydrokinetic System Loeffler, B., Arango, M. Presentation Current, Riverine Field Data Performance
Design models for small run-of-river hydropower plants: a review Tsuanyo, D., Amougou, B., Aziz, A. Journal Article Current, Riverine Modeling Performance, Structural
Study on the Effect of the Guide Vane Opening on the Band Clearance Sediment Erosion in a Francis Turbine Song, X., Zhou, X., Song, H. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine Modeling Structural
A Grid-Based Interpolation Procedure for Turbulence Analysis in Riverine Settings Duvoy, P., Brown, E., Kasper, J. Presentation Current, Riverine Modeling
Debris risks and mitigation strategies for hydrokinetic turbines Gunawan, B., Papanicolaou, A., Hill, C. Presentation Current, Riverine
A Time Series and Spectral Analysis of Turbulence Effects on Current Energy Converter Power Generation Browning, E., Kasper, J., Duvoy, P. Conference Paper Current Modeling, Full Scale Acoustics, Performance
Fatigue and Aerodynamic Loss in Wells Turbines: Mutriku Wave Power Plant Case Lekube, J., Ajuria, O., Ibeas, M. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Field Data
Review on the characterization and selection of the advanced materials for tidal turbine blades Shiekh Elsouk, M., Santa Cruz, A., Guillou, S. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Materials
Assessment of Debris Mitigation Systems for Tidal and River Turbines Cornett, A., Provan, M., Bear, M. Conference Paper Current, Cross Flow Turbine, Tidal, Riverine Lab Data, Scale Device Structural
Enhancing wave energy developments through mooring system reliability assessment Gordelier, T. Thesis Wave Mooring
Tidal and River Energy Converter Debris Impact Load and Cable Snag Risk Quantification Wilson, C. Report Current, Riverine, Tidal Field Data, Modeling Mooring, Structural
A Method for Rapid Quantitative Assessment of Biofilms with Biomolecular Stains and Image Analysis Larimer, C., Winder, E., Jeters, R. Journal Article Materials
Polysulfone and Polyacrylate-based Zwitterionic Coatings for the Prevention and Easy Removal of Marine Biofouling Hibbs, M., Hernandez-Sanchez, A. B., Daniels, J. Journal Article Materials
A Review of Debris Detection Methods Kasper, J., Johnson, J., Duvoy, P. Report Current, Wave
Surface Debris Characterization and Mitigation Strategies and Their Impact on the Operation of River Energy Conversion Deviceson the Tanana River at Nenana, Alaska Johnson, J., Kasper, J., Schmid, J. Report Current, Riverine
The Effects of River and Debris Diversion Structure Generated Turbulence on the Oceana River Energy Converter Johnson, J., Kasper, J., Hansen, N. Conference Paper Current, Riverine
Studying localized corrosion using liquid cell transmission electron microscopy Chee,S., Pratt, S., Hatter, K. Journal Article Materials
Protection of In-River Hydrokinetic Power-Generating Devices from Surface Debris in Alaskan Rivers Johnson, J., Schmid, J., Kasper, J. Report Current, Riverine Field Data
Characterization of the Tanana River at Nenana, Alaska, to Determine the Important Factors Affecting Site Selection, Deployment, and Operation of Hydrokinetic Devices to Generate Power Johnson, J., Toniolo, H., Seitz, A. Report Current, Riverine Field Data
Tanana River Hydrodynamic Energy Test Site Debris and Foundation Study Schmid, J. Report Current, Riverine
River Debris: Causes, Impacts, and Mitigation Techniques Tyler, R. Report
Power and ice in the Bay of Fundy, Canada Sanders, R. Journal Article Current, Tidal
River, tidal, and ocean current hydrokinetic energy technologies: status and future opportunities in Alaska Johnson, J., Pride, D. Report Current, Ocean Current, Riverine, Tidal Field Data
Evaluation of Small Axial Flow Hydrokinetic Turbines for Remote Communities Anyi, M., Kirke, B. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine