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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Powering the Blue Economy: Progress Exploring Marine Renewable Energy Integration With Ocean Observations Cavagnaro, R., Copping, A. , Green, R. Journal Article Current, Riverine, Tidal, Wave, OTEC Field Data, Lab Data, Modeling
Cybersecurity Resiliency of Marine Renewable Energy Systems Part 1: Identifying Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Determining Risk de Peralta, F., Gorton, A., Watson, M. Journal Article Current, Wave
Cybersecurity Best Practice Guidance for Marine Renewable Energy Systems de Peralta, F., Watson, M., Bays, R. Report Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Framework for Identifying Cybersecurity Vulnerability and Determining Risk for Marine Renewable Energy Systems de Peralta, F., Gorton, A., Watson, M. Report Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Assessing marine operations with a Markov-switching autoregressive metocean model Paterson, J., Thies, P., Sueur, R. Journal Article Modeling
Big Data Application for Security of Renewable Energy Resources Rouzbahani, H., Karimipour, H., Srivastava, G. Book Chapter Grid Integration
Cybersecurity for Marine Renewable Energy Systems de Peralta, F. Presentation Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
A dynamic risk assessment method to address safety of navigation concerns around offshore renewable energy installations Mehdi, R., Baldauf, M., Deeb, H. Journal Article
Lessons Learned – Marine Operations in The Minas Passage Clarkson, J. Report Current, Tidal Test Center Mooring
Wave and Tidal Range Energy Devices Offer Environmental Opportunities as Artificial Reefs Callaway, R., Bertelli, C., Unsworth, R. Conference Paper Tidal, Wave
Optimising multiple multibeam sonars to assess marine life interactions with an underwater kite Lieber, L., Nilsen, T., Zambrano, C. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal Lab Data
The Importance of a Multi-Method Monitoring Approach to Assess the Effects of Anthropogenic Activity on Harbour Porpoises Maldini, D., Foley, A., Culloch, R. Conference Paper Marine Energy Acoustics
Seasonal occurrence of seabirds and marine mammals at a wave energy test site Hunt, W., Nykänen, M., Bennison, A. Conference Paper Marine Energy
Tidal turbine collision assessment using the bulk and shear modulus of marine mammals' soft tissue Grear, M., Motley, M. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal
Target Tracking using Sonars for Marine Life Monitoring around Tidal Turbines Jepp, P. Conference Paper Tidal
Interactions and Implications of Tidal Stream Energy Arrays on Tidal Dynamics Brown, A., Neill, S., Lewis, M. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Applying a simple model for estimating the likelihood of collision of marine mammals with tidal turbines Copping, A. , Grear, M. Conference Paper Tidal
Design Envelope Approach for Assessing Environmental Impacts of Tidal Developments. Fair Head Tidal Case Study McGrath, C., Thoules, J., Burnett, R. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal, OTEC
Assessing the environmental impacts of wave energy converters: determining appropriate reference sites Azzellino, A., Lanfredi, C., Riefolo, L. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Wave
Winter and summer differences in probability of fish encounter (spatial overlap) with MHK devices Viehman, H., Boucher, T., Redden, A. Conference Paper Marine Energy Field Data Acoustics, Hydrodynamics
Risk-Based Approach for the Development of Guidelines and Standards on Combined Marine Renewable Energy Platforms Macadre, L., O'Sullivan, K., Breuillard, A. Conference Paper Current, Wave Hybrid Devices
Best practice report - Installation Procedures Maisondieu, C., Johanning, L., Weller, S. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Wave & Tidal Health & Safety Guide: Principles & Practice RenewableUK Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Offshore Wind and Marine Energy Health and Safety Guidelines RenewableUK Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Network Security Assessments for Integrating Large-Scale Tidal Current and Ocean Wave Resources Into Future Electrical Grids Khan, J., Leon, D. , Moshref, A. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave Modeling Grid Integration
Guidelines for the Selection and Operation of Jack-ups in the Marine Renewable Energy Industry RenewableUK Report
First Aid Needs Assessment: Guidelines for renewable energy projects RenewableUK Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Risk assessment for the installation and maintenance activities of a low-speed tidal energy converter Lazakis, I., Osman, T., Rosendahl, T. Conference Paper Current, Tidal
Risk Management in Wave and Tidal Energy Flinn, J., Bittencourt, C., Waldron, B. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Marine Energy Industry RenewableUK Report Current, Tidal, Wave