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Compilation of Development Metrics Applicable to Wave Energy Converters (WECs): Current Status and Proposed Next Steps Rodrigues, J., Langhele, N., Rølvåg, T. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Performance
A Wave-to-Wire Model for Grid Integration Studies of Oscillating-Body Wave Energy Converters Garcia-Rosa, P., Torres-Olguin, R., Cruz, J. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Grid Integration, Power Take Off
Premises for an annual energy production and capacity factor improvement towards a few optimised wave energy converters configurations and resources pairs Choupin, O., Tetu, A., Del Rio-Gamero, B. Journal Article Wave Array Effects, Grid Integration, Performance
Hierarchical control and emulation of a wave energy hyperbaric converter Machado, I., Garcia-Rosa, P., Watanabe, E. Journal Article Wave Control, Performance
Grid connection and system services of a wave power plant - a case study Vrana, T., Akerberg, J., Flynn, D. Conference Paper Wave Modeling, Scale Device Grid Integration
A harmonic pressure differential wave energy converter Schönborn, A. Journal Article Wave, Pressure Differential Modeling Performance
Tidal Energy Converter Cost Reduction via Power Take Off Optimisation: Final Publishable Summary ORE Catapult Report Current, Tidal Power Take Off
Grid integration and power quality testing of Marine Energy Converters: Research activities in the MaRINET Project Santos-Mugica, M., Robles, E., Endegnanew, A. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave Grid Integration
Exploring the Potential for Increased Production from the Wave Energy Converter Lifesaver by Reactive Control Sjolte, J., Sandvik, C., Tedeschi, E. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Power Take Off
The potential for power production from salinity gradients by pressure retarded osmosis Thorsen, T., Holt, T. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Lab Data, Modeling
Wave-power absorption by a finite row of oscillating water columns in a reflecting wall Malmo, O. , Reitan, A. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance