Friis-Madsen, E.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Ocean Power Innovation Network Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) Report: Corrosion in reinforced concrete structures used for offshore renewables Macadre, L., Gerthoffert, A., Darraz, M. Report Current, Wave Materials
Feasibility of Investment in Blue Growth Multiple-Use of Space and Multi-use Platform Projects; Results of a Novel Assessment Approach and Case Studies Dalton, G., Bardócz, T., Blanch, M. Journal Article
“Small is beautiful” - but will small WECs ever become commercial? Friis-Madsen, E., Soerensen, H., Russell, I. Conference Paper Wave Structural
Wave and Tidal Range Energy Devices Offer Environmental Opportunities as Artificial Reefs Callaway, R., Bertelli, C., Unsworth, R. Conference Paper Tidal, Wave
Wave Dragon - 'Coldward and Stormward' Russell, I., Friis-Madsen, E., Sorensen, H. Book Chapter Wave, Overtopping Modeling Hybrid Devices
Feasibility and LCA for a Wave Dragon platform with wind turbines Sorensen, H., Friis-Madsen, E., Russel, I. Conference Paper Wave, Overtopping Field Data, Scale Device Hybrid Devices
Wave Energy Technology-Roadmaps Nielsen, K., Krogh, J., Brodersen, H. Report Current, Wave
Experimental Update of the Overtopping Model Used for the Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter Parmeggiani, S., Kofoed, J., Friis-Madsen, E. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Modeling Performance
Experimental Study Related to the Mooring Design for the 1.5 MW Wave Dragon WEC Demonstrator at DanWEC Parmeggiani, S., Kofoed, J., Friis-Madsen, E. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Modeling Mooring
Comparison of Mooring Loads in Survivability Mode on the Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter Obtained by a Numerical Model and Experimental Data Parmeggiani, S., Muliawan, M., Gao, Z. Conference Paper Wave, Overtopping Modeling Hydrodynamics, Mooring
Performance assessment of the wave dragon wave energy converter based on the EquiMar methodology Parmeggiani, S., Chozas, J., Pecher, A. Conference Paper Wave, Overtopping Performance
Multi-megawatt offshore wave energy converters – electrical system configuration and generator control strategy Igic, P., Knapp, W., MacEnri, J. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Control, Power Take Off
Advanced Control Techniques for WEC Wave Dragon Tedd, J., Kofoed, J., Jasinski, M. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Modeling Control
A Frequency Converter Control Strategy for a MW Wave Energy Take-off System Zhou, Z., Sørensen, H., Jasinski, M. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data, Modeling Control, Grid Integration