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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Effects of the distance ratio of circular flow disturbance on vertical-axis turbine performance: An experimental and numerical study Satrio, D., Suntoyo, Widyawan, H. Journal Article Current, Cross Flow Turbine Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
State of the Art in Floating Tidal Current Power Plant Using Multi-Vertical-Axis-Turbines Junianto, S., Fadilah, W., Adila, A. Conference Paper Current, Cross Flow Turbine, Tidal Array Effects, Substructure
Experimental Study on the Effect of Arm Design on the Performance of a Flap-Float Horizontal Ocean Wave Energy Converter Madi, M., Mukhtasor, Prastianto, R. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Field Data, Scale Device Performance, Structural
Design model of linear generator on marine current power plant based on pneumatic system Kusuma, I., Semin, Zaman, M. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current Modeling
Economic study on the construction of a 50 MW Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) facility in Banten Province, Indonesia Rahmawati, S. Journal Article OTEC
Motion Responses Analysis for Tidal Current Energy Platform: Quad-Spar and Catamaran Types Junianto, S., Mukhtasor, Prastianto, R. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics, Mooring, Substructure
Preliminary Design of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Axial Turbine for Laboratory Scale SyarifArief, I., Aldara, D. Conference Paper OTEC Modeling Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Performance Enhancement Effort for Vertical-Axis Tidal-Current Turbine in Low Water Velocity Satrio, D., Utama, I., Mukhtasor Conference Paper Current, Cross Flow Turbine, Tidal Modeling Performance