Ma, X.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Type of Content Technology Collection Method Engineering
A Review of Power Co-Generation Technologies from Hybrid Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Ayub, M., Hamza, A., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Growth of ocean thermal energy conversion resources under greenhouse warming regulated by oceanic eddies Du, T., Jing, Z., Wu, L. Journal Article OTEC Modeling
Hybrid machine learning models for predicting short-term wave energy flux Lu, H., Xi, D., Ma, X. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Investigation of a low-pressure flash evaporation desalination system powered by ocean thermal energy Wang, L., Ma, X., Kong, H. Journal Article OTEC, Hybrid-Cycle Modeling Hybrid Devices, Performance
An External Ocean Thermal Energy Power Generation Modular Device for Powering Smart Float Zhang, H., Ma, X., Yang, Y. Journal Article OTEC Hydrodynamics, Performance
Time-Domain Implementation and Analyses of Multi-Motion Modes of Floating Structures Sheng, W., Tapoglou, E., Ma, X. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
An electrochemical system for salinity gradient energy harvesting Zhou, X., Zhang, W., Li, J. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Lab Data, Modeling Materials
The study on the anti-impact performance of the oscillating buoy with various air cushions Song, R., Ren, C., Ma, X. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance
Maximum efficiency point tracking for an ocean thermal energy harvesting system Xia, Q., Chen, Y., Yang, C. Journal Article OTEC Performance, Structural
Experimental Studies on Performances of Capsule Type Wave Energy Generation System under Action of Waves Yu, H., Bai, Z., Zhao, C. Journal Article Wave, Pressure Differential Modeling Materials, Performance, Structural
Design, optimization and numerical modelling of a novel floating pendulum wave energy converter with tide adaptation Yang, J. , Zhang, D., Chen, Y. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Performance, Power Take Off, Structural