Savin, A.

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Full-Scale Measurement of Reaction Force Caused by Level Ice Interaction on a Buoy Connected to a Wave Energy Converter Savin, A., Strömstedt, E., Leijon, M. Journal Article Wave Full Scale
Statistical analysis of power output from a single heaving buoy WEC for different sea states Savin, A., Temiz, I., Strömstedt, E. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Field Data Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off
Numerical modelling of a point-absorbing wave energy converter in irregular and extreme waves Chen, W., Dolguntseva, I., Savin, A. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Hydrodynamics, Structural
Measurements of Extreme Forces on a Wave Energy Converter of Point Absorber Type and Estimation of Added Mass of Cylindrical Buoy Gravrakmo, H., Strömstedt, E., Savin, A. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling
Azimuth-inclination angles and snatch load on a tight mooring system Savin, A., Svensson, O., Leijon, M. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling Mooring
Experimental Measurement of Lateral Force in a Submerged Single Heaving Buoy Wave Energy Converter Savin, A. Thesis
Design proposal of electrical system for linear generator wave power plants Boström, C., Svensson, O., Rahm, M. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Field Data Grid Integration
Determining the Service Life of a Steel Wire Under a Working Load in the Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Savin, A., Svensson, O., Strömstedt, E. Conference Paper Wave Field Data Mooring