Thresher, R.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Mission Analysis for Marine Renewable Energy To Provide Power for Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal Niffenegger, J., Greene, D., Thresher, R. Report Current, Wave, OTEC
Evaluation of performance metrics for the Wave Energy Prize converters tested at 1/20th scale Dallman, A., Jenne, D., Neary, V. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Scale Device Performance, Structural
Added-mass effects on a horizontal-axis tidal turbine using FAST v8 Murray, R., Thresher, R., Jonkman, J. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Modeling Performance
Methodology to Calculate the ACE and HPQ Metrics Used in the Wave Energy Prize Driscoll, F., Weber, J., Jenne, S. Report Wave
Development of the Second-Generation Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter With Variable Geometry Kelly, M., Yu, Y., Thresher, R. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Site Identification and Ranking Methodology Part II: Tidal Energy Kilcher, L., Thresher, R., Tinnesand, H. Report Current, Tidal Field Data Structural
Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Site Identification and Ranking Methodology Part I: Wave Energy Kilcher, L., Thresher, R. Report Wave Field Data Performance, Structural
Reference Model 5: Oscillating Surge Wave Energy Converter Yu, Y., Jenne, D., Thresher, R. Report Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Lab Data, Modeling Mooring, Performance, Structural
Wave Energy Converter Simulation: Development, Code Competition, and Validation Efforts LaBonte, A. , White, B., Lawson, M. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Performance
Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine Power-Take-Off Design for Optimal Performance and Low Impact on Cost-of-Energy Beam, M., Kline, B., Elbing, B. Conference Paper Current, Wave Power Take Off
Inflow Measurement in a Tidal Strait for Deploying Tidal Current Turbines: Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges Li, Y., Colby, J., Kelley, N. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Field Data