Kilcher, L.

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Characterization of the vertical evolution of the three-dimensional turbulence for fatigue design of tidal turbines Thiébaut, M., Filipot, J-F., Maisondieu, C. Journal Article Current, Tidal Hydrodynamics, Structural
Modeling Assessment of Tidal Energy Extraction in the Western Passage Yang, Z., Wang, T., Xiao, Z. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling
The importance of local winds in wave energy resource assessment Kilcher, L., Yang, Z., García-Medina, G. Presentation Wave Modeling
Turbulence in the wake of offshore wind farm foundations and its potential effects on mixing of stratified tidal shelf seas Fogarty, M., Kilcher, L. Presentation Current, Tidal Field Data
Survey and Assessment of the Ocean Renewable Energy Resources in the US Gulf of Mexico Musial, W., Tegen, S., Driscoll, R. Report Current, Ocean Current, Tidal, Wave, OTEC
Submarine Cable Analysis for US Marine Renewable Energy Development Best, B., Kilcher, L. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Numerical Modelling and Field Measurements for Wave Resource Characterization Yang, Z., Wu, W., Wang, T. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Modeling
Performance characterization of a cross-flow hydrokinetic turbine in sheared inflow Forbrush, D., Polagye, B., Thomson, J. Journal Article Current, Cross Flow Field Data, Modeling Performance, Structural
Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Site Identification and Ranking Methodology Part I: Wave Energy Kilcher, L., Thresher, R. Report Wave Field Data Performance, Structural
Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Site Identification and Ranking Methodology Part II: Tidal Energy Kilcher, L., Thresher, R., Tinnesand, H. Report Current, Tidal Field Data Structural
Advanced Energy Harvesting Control Schemes for Marine Renewable Energy Devices McEntee, J., Polagye, B., Fabien, B. Report Current, Riverine, Tidal Field Data, Lab Data Control
Measuring Turbulence from Moored Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters: A Manual to Quantifying Inflow at Tidal Energy Sites Kilcher, L., Thomson, J., Talbert, J. Report Current, Tidal Hydrodynamics
Emulation of a Hydrokinetic Turbine to Assess Control and Grid Integration Cavagnaro, R., Polagye, B., Thomson, J. Conference Paper Current, Cross Flow Field Data, Modeling Grid Integration, Performance
Experimental evaluation of motion compensated ADV measurements for in-stream hydrokinetic applications VanZwieten, J., Egeland, M., von Ellenrieder, K. Conference Paper Hydrodynamics
Turbulence measurements from moving platforms Thomson, J., Talbert, J., de Klerk, A. Conference Paper Hydrodynamics
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Tidal turbulence spectra from a compliant mooring Thomson, J., Kilcher, L., Richmond, M. Conference Paper Mooring