Xu, W.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Type of Content Technology Collection Method Engineering
A systematic approach for designing a highly efficient linear electrical generator for harvesting oceanic wave energy Molla, S., Farrok, O., Islam, M. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling Materials, Structural
Novel Linear Generator Concepts and Topologies for Wave Energy Conversion Systems: A Review Zhang, Z., Wu, B., Lu, Q. Conference Paper Wave Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Numerical investigation on interactive FIO of two-tandem cylinders for hydrokinetic energy harnessing Ding, W., Sun, H., Xu, W. Journal Article Current, Vortex-Induced Vibration Lab Data, Modeling Performance
Carbonized peat moss electrodes for efficient salinity gradient energy recovery in a capacitive concentration flow cell Zhu, H., Xu, W., Tan, G. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis Lab Data Performance, Structural
Energy extraction of two flapping foils with tandem configurations and vortex interactions Xu, G., Xu, W. Journal Article Current, Oscillating Hydrofoil Modeling Performance, Structural
Numerical and experimental study of a flapping foil generator Xu, G., Xu, W., Dai, J. Journal Article Current, Oscillating Hydrofoil Lab Data, Modeling Performance
Computational Methods for the Design and Prediction of Performance of Tidal Turbines Kinnas, S., Xu, W., Yu, Y. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance