Magagna, D.

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Ocean energy in Europe: assessing support instruments and cost-reduction needs Magagna, D., Monfardini, R., Uihlein, A. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave
Workshop on identification of future emerging technologies in the ocean energy sector Magagna, D., Marghetini, L., Alessi, A. Report Current, Wave
Wave and tidal current energy – A review of the current state of research beyond technology Uihlein, A., Magagna, D. Journal Article Tidal, Wave
Assessing the impacts of technology improvements on the deployment of marine energy in Europe with an energy system perspective Sgobbi, A., Simões, S., Magagna, D. Journal Article Current, Wave
JRC Ocean Energy Status Report: 2016 Edition Magagna, D., Monfardini, R., Uihlein, A. Report Current, Wave
Ocean Energy Database: Technology Characterization at Sub-assembly Level Silva, M., Raventos, A., Uihlein, A. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave Substructure
Ocean Energy Development in Europe: Current Status and Future Perspectives Magagna, D., Uihlein, A. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave
2014 JRC Ocean Energy Status Report Magagna, D., Uihlein, A. Report Current, Wave
SI-ocean strategic technology agenda for the ocean energy sector: From development to market Magagna, D., Tzimas, E., Hanmer, C. Conference Paper Current, Wave
No AccessIntegrated Numerical Modelling System for Extreme Wave Events at the Wave Hub Site Vyzikas, T., Ransley, E., Hann, M. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Overview of European innovation activities in marine energy technology Corsatea, T., Magagna, D. Report Current, Wave