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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Experimental and numerical analysis of power take-off control effects on the dynamic performance of a floating wind-wave combined system Chen, Z., Sun, J., Yang, J. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber, Oscillating Water Column, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Modeling, Scale Device Hybrid Devices, Performance, Power Take Off
Numerical and Experimental Study on a Scaled TALOS Wave Energy Converter Tan, M., Yang, Y., Qian, P. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Power Take Off
State-of-the-art review and future trends of development of tidal current energy converters in China Si, Y., Liu, X., Wang, T. Journal Article Current, Tidal
A coupled numerical framework for hybrid floating offshore wind turbine and oscillating water column wave energy converters Zhang, D., Chen, Z., Liu, X. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling, Scale Device Control, Hybrid Devices, Performance, Power Take Off
Research on the tandem arrangement of the ducted horizontal-axis tidal turbine Feng, B., Liu, X., Ying, Y. Journal Article Current, Tidal Lab Data, Modeling Array Effects
Study on two-rotor interaction of counter-rotating horizontal axis tidal turbine Liu, X., Feng, B., Liu, D. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Structural
Power absorption modelling and analysis of a multi-axis wave energy converter Tan, M., Cen, Y., Yang, Y. Journal Article Wave Modeling Power Take Off
A review of tidal current energy resource assessment in China Liu, X., Chen, Z., Si, Y. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Flow field impact assessment of a tidal farm in the Putuo-Hulu Channel Zhang, D., Liu, X., Tan, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics
Multi-grating triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting low-frequency ocean wave energy Zhang, D., Shi, J., Si, Y. Journal Article Wave Modeling, Scale Device Array Effects, Control, Performance, Structural
SPH method with applications of oscillating wave surge converter Zhang, D., Shi, Y., Huang, C. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Modeling Hydrodynamics, Power Take Off