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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Design and Analysis of a Decoupling Buoyancy Wave Energy Converter Torres-Blanco, P., Sanchez-Fernandez, J. Journal Article Wave Modeling Structural
Sectoral Analysis of the Fundamental Criteria for the Evaluation of the Viability of Wave Energy Generation Facilities in Ports—Application of the Delphi Methodology Cascajo, R. , Molina, R., Perez-Rojas, L. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Recent Advances in Direct-Drive Power Take-Off (DDPTO) Systems for Wave Energy Converters Based on Switched Reluctance Machines (SRM) Blanco, M., Torres, J., Santos-Herrán, M. Book Chapter Wave Power Take Off
Optimizing Wave Overtopping Energy Converters by ANN Modelling: Evaluating the Overtopping Rate Forecasting as the First Step Oliver, J., Esteban, M., Lopez, R. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Modeling
Wave Energy Assessment at Valencia Gulf and Comparison of Energy Production of Most Suitable Wave Energy Converters Cascajo, R. , García, E., Quiles, E. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Field Data, Modeling
Exhaustive closed loop behavior of an one degree of freedom first-generation device for harnessing energy from marine currents del Horno, L., Segura, E., Morales, R. Journal Article Current, Tidal Lab Data, Modeling Structural
Wave energy assessment related to wave energy convertors in the coastal waters of China Wan, Y., Zheng, C., Li, L. Journal Article Wave Field Data, Modeling
Study of a cost model of tidal energy farms in early design phases with parametrization and numerical values. Application to a second-generation device Lopez, A., Morán, J., Núñez, L. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
What about Marine Renewable Energies in Spain? Esteban, M., Espada, J., Ortega, J. Journal Article Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Dimensioning of Point Absorbers for Wave Energy Conversion by Means of Differential Evolutionary Algorithms Blanco, M., Lafoz, M., Ramirez, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Structural
Sustainable hydrogen production from offshore marine renewable farms: Techno-energetic insight on seawater electrolysis technologies d'Amore-Domenech, R., Leo, T. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis
Hydrodynamic design of rotor blades of marine current turbines Arribas, F. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics, Structural
Economic-financial modeling for marine current harnessing projects Segura, E., Morales, R., Somolinos, J. Journal Article Current, Wave
A New Classification of Wave Energy Converters Used for Selection of Devices Esteban, M., López-Gutiérrez, J., Negro, V. Journal Article Wave
A strategic analysis of tidal current energy conversion systems in the European Union Segura, E., Morales, R., Somolinos, J. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current, Tidal Field Data
Cost Assessment Methodology and Economic Viability of Tidal Energy Projects Segura, E., Morales, R., Somolinos, J. Journal Article Current Modeling
Techno-economic challenges of tidal energy conversion systems: Current status and trends Segura, E., Morales, R., Somolinos, J. Journal Article Current
Dynamic model and experimental validation for the control of emersion manoeuvers of devices for marine currents harnessing Somolinos, J., Lopez, A., Núñez, L. Journal Article Current Modeling Control
Dual mass system for enhancing energy extraction from Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a circular cylinder Xu-xu, J., Barrero-Gil, A., Velazquez, A. Journal Article Current, Vortex-Induced Vibration Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance
Maintenance Maneuver Automation for an Adapted Cylindrical Shape TEC Morales, R., Fernandez, L., Segura, E. Journal Article Current, Tidal Control
Blade–wake interactions in cross-flow turbines Ferrer, E., Willden, R. Journal Article Current, Cross Flow Turbine Modeling Hydrodynamics, Structural