Frigaard, P.

Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Development of the Exowave Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Iversen, S., Andersen, J., Wigant, L. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Workshop on identification of future emerging technologies in the ocean energy sector Magagna, D., Marghetini, L., Alessi, A. Report Current, Wave
A methodology for production and cost assessment of a farm of wave energy converters Beels, C., Troch, P., Kofoed, J. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Array Effects
First Power Production Figures from the Wave Star Roshage Wave Energy Converter Marquis, L., Kramer, M., Frigaard, P. Conference Paper Wave Field Data Performance
Bottom slamming on heaving point absorber wave energy devices Backer, G., Vantorre, M., Frigaard, P. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Performance, Structural
Wave energy potential in Galicia (NW Spain) Iglesias, G., Lopez, M., Carballo, R. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Performance of closely spaced point absorbers with constrained floater motion De Backer, G., Vantorre, M., Beels, C. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Array Effects, Control, Power Take Off
SSG wave energy converter: Design, reliability and hydraulic performance of an innovative overtopping device Margheritini, L., Vicinanza, D., Frigaard, P. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Lab Data
Wave pressure acting on a seawave slot-cone generator Vicinanza, D., Frigaard, P. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Lab Data, Modeling Structural
Short Term Wave Forecasting, Using Digital Filters, For Improved Control of Wave Energy Converters Tedd, J., Frigaard, P. Conference Paper Wave, Overtopping Field Data, Modeling Control
Prototype testing of the wave energy converter wave dragon Kofoed, J., Frigaard, P., Frils-Madsen, E. Journal Article Wave, Overtopping Lab Data, Scale Device Materials, Power Take Off, Structural