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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Control co-design for wave energy farms: Optimisation of array layout and mooring configuration in a realistic wave climate Pena-Sanchez, Y., Garcia-Violini, D., Penalba, M. Journal Article Wave Modeling Array Effects, Mooring
Spectral control co-design of wave energy converter array layout Pena-Sanchez, Y., Garcia-Violini, D., Penalba, M. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data, Modeling Array Effects, Control
Fatigue Life Assessment for Wave Energy Converter Mooring Lines under Realistic Wave Climates Martinez-Puente, E., Zarteka-Astigarraga, A., Zabala, A. Conference Paper Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Mooring, Structural
Impact of Resource Uncertainties on the Design of Wave Energy Converters Penalba, M., Zarketa-Astigarraga, A., Branson, P. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling for floating wave energy converters: A code-to-code comparison Penalba, M., Zarketa, A., Giorgi, G. Book Chapter Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Control, Performance
A data-driven long-term metocean data forecasting approach for the design of marine renewable energy systems Penalba, M., Aizpurua, J., Martinez-Perurena, A. Journal Article Current, Wave Field Data, Modeling Performance
On the Development of a Harmonic Balance Model for Wave Energy Converter Arrays Penalba, M., Zou, S., Pena-Sanchez, Y. Presentation Wave Modeling Array Effects
Performance Assessment of Large-Scale WECs Array with the Consideration of Disturbed Wave Field Robertson, B., Zou, S., Mundon, T. Presentation Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Array Effects, Performance
On the definition of a risk index based on long-term metocean data to assist in the design of Marine Renewable Energy systems Penalba, M., Aizpurua, J., Martinez-Perurena, A. Journal Article Modeling Performance, Structural
A post-processing technique for addressing ‘irregular frequencies’ and other issues in the results from BEM solvers Kelly, T., Zabala, I., Pena-Sanchez, Y. Conference Paper Wave Hydrodynamics
Code-to-Code Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Modelling Verification for Wave Energy Converters: WEC-Sim vs. NLFK4ALL Giorgi, G., Penalba, M., Gomes, R. Conference Paper Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Performance
On the impact of long-term wave trends on the geometry optimisation of oscillating water column wave energy converters Ulazia, A., Esnaola, G., Serras, P. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Field Data, Modeling Array Effects
Impact of long-term resource variations on wave energy Farms: The Icelandic case Penalba, M., Ulazia, A., Sáenz, J. Journal Article Wave Field Data, Modeling
Performance analysis of a horizontal axis 3-bladed Savonius type wave turbine in an experimental wave flume (EWF) Tutar, M., Veci, I. Journal Article Current, Cross Flow Turbine Lab Data Performance