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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Title Author Date Sort ascending Type of Content Technology Collection Method Engineering
Research on bidirectional fluid-structure interaction characteristics of horizontal axis tidal turbines under wave current conditions Huang, R., Wang, S., Lu, Y. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Structural
Study on fast prediction method of hydrodynamic load of floating horizontal axis tidal current turbine with pitching motion under free surface Wang, S., Chen, S., Li, C. Journal Article Current, Axial Flow Turbine, Tidal Modeling Control, Hydrodynamics
Low-frequency energy capture and water wave attenuation of a hybrid WEC-breakwater with nonlinear stiffness Jin, H., Zhang, H., Xu, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Control, Hybrid Devices, Hydrodynamics, Performance
Sea trial test on offshore integration of an oscillating buoy wave energy device and floating breakwater Zheng, X., Ji, M., Jing, F. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Field Data, Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
Ocean Renewable Energy Potential, Technology, and Deployments: A Case Study of Brazil Shadman, M., Silva, C., Faller, D. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Ocean Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC Modeling Performance
Embedded Power Take-Off in hinged modularized floating platform for wave energy harvesting and pitch motion suppression Zhang, H., Xu, D., Ding, R. Journal Article Wave Modeling Power Take Off, Structural
An optimization method for stiffness configuration of flexible connectors for multi-modular floating systems Zhao, H., Xu, D., Zhang, H. Journal Article Modeling Substructure
Hydrodynamic Analysis and Power Conversion for Point Absorber WEC with Two Degrees of Freedom Using CFD Guo, W., Zhou, Y., Zhang, W. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off
Review of the applied mechanical problems in ocean thermal energy conversion Zhang, W., Li, Y., Wu, X. Journal Article OTEC Performance, Structural
Study of the hydrodynamic derivatives of vertical-axis tidal current turbines in surge motion Sheng, Q., Jing, F., Zhang, L. Journal Article Current, Cross Flow Turbine Modeling Hydrodynamics
Wave energy absorption of a wave farm with an array of buoys and flexible runway Zhang, H., Xu, D., Liu, C. Journal Article Wave, Attenuator Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance, Power Take Off