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A radial-grouping-based planning method for electrical collector systems in tidal current generation farms Ren, Z., Li, H., Xu, Y. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Array Effects
Comparative evaluation of hybrid photovoltaic, wind, tidal and fuel cell clean system design for different regions with remote application considering cost Naderipour, A., Abdul-Malek, Z., Nowdeh, S. Journal Article Current, Tidal Hybrid Devices
Storage Requirements for Grid Integration of Marine Renewable Energy - a Parametric Study Hanif, S., Bhattacharya, S., Chalishazar, V. Conference Paper Current, Wave Modeling Grid Integration
An International Evaluation and Guidance Framework for Ocean Energy Technology Hodges, J., Henderson, J., Ruedy, L. Report Current, Tidal, Wave Control, Performance
The Wave Energy Converter Design Process: Methods Applied in Industry and Shortcomings of Current Practices Trueworthy, A., DuPont, B. Journal Article Wave Materials, Structural
Near-optimal use of a MRE export cable considering thermal and techno-economic aspects Bonnard, C., Blavette, A., Bourguet, S. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Modeling
Tidal Energy in Australia: Assessing Resource and Feasibility in Australia’s Future Energy Mix Penesis, I., Hemer, M., Cossu, R. Report Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling Grid Integration
Optimal design of the ocean thermal energy conversion systems involving weather and energy demand variations Hernández-Romero, I., Nápoles-Rivera, F., Flores-Tlacuahuac, A. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Performance
2030 Ocean Energy Vision: Industry analysis of future deployments, costs and supply chains Ocean Energy Europe Report Current, Tidal, Wave
The Potential for Tidal Range Energy Systems to Provide Continuous Power: A UK Case Study Mackie, L., Coles, D., Piggott, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Performance
Preliminary assessment of a tidal test site on the Minho estuary Diaz, H., Rodrigues, J., Soares, C. Journal Article Current, Tidal
Blue Growth Development in the Mediterranean Sea: Quantifying the Benefits of an Integrated Wave Energy Converter at Genoa Harbour Lavidas, G., De Leo, F., Besio, G. Journal Article Wave Performance
Economical layout optimization of wave energy parks clustered in electrical subsystems Giassi, M., Castellucci, V., Göteman, M. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Array Effects, Hydrodynamics, Performance
Techno-Economic Optimisation for a Wave Energy Converter via Genetic Algorithm Sirigu, S., Foglietta, L., Giorgi, G. Journal Article Wave
A screening method to quantify the economic viability of off-grid in-stream tidal energy deployment Lafleur, C., Truelove, W., Cousineau, J. Journal Article Current, Tidal Grid Integration
Time-domain simulations of marine operations and their application to the offshore renewable energy sector Hudson, B. Thesis Modeling
State of the Sector Report 2020: Economic Benefits for Wales Marine Energy Wales Report Current, Tidal, Wave
DTOceanPlus Deliverable D3.2: Structured Innovation design tool – Alpha version Tunga, I., Abrahams, M., Khan, H. Report Performance, Structural
Risk and cost optimised condition monitoring system design for marine renewable energy Kenny, C. Thesis Current, Wave
Modeling of a wave farm export cable for electro-thermal sizing studies Bonnard, C., Blavette, A., Bourguet, S. Journal Article Wave Modeling Grid Integration
Renewable energy storage and distribution scheduling for microgrids by exploiting recent developments in process network synthesis Bertok, B., Bartos, A. Journal Article Modeling Grid Integration
Reducing mooring and cable costs through assessment of corrosion, wear, fatigue, and VIV in turbulent tidal flows – Final Report Baron, A., Turner, A., Steinke, D. Report Current, Tidal Field Data, Modeling, Scale Device Materials, Mooring
A Software for Calculating the Economic Aspects of Floating Offshore Renewable Energies Castro-Santos, L., Filgueira-Vizoso, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hybrid Devices
Economic Receding Horizon Control of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter Jia, Y., Meng, K., Dong, L. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control
Study of a cost model of tidal energy farms in early design phases with parametrization and numerical values. Application to a second-generation device Lopez, A., Morán, J., Núñez, L. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Integrated membrane distillation-reverse electrodialysis system for energy-efficient seawater desalination Tufa, R., Noviello, Y., Di Profio, G. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Performance
Operations and Maintenance Modelling of Floating Hybrid Systems Gray, A. Report Wave Hybrid Devices
A review of hydrokinetic turbines and enhancement techniques for canal installations: Technology, applicability and potential Niebuhr, C., van Dijk, M., Neary, V. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current, Riverine, Tidal Field Data Structural
Optimal planning and design of run-of-river hydroelectric power projects Ibrahim, M., Imam, Y., Ghanem, A. Journal Article Current, Riverine Modeling Performance, Structural
Energy, exergy and economic analyses of a novel hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion system for clean power production Yilmaz, F. Journal Article OTEC, Hybrid Modeling Hybrid Devices, Performance
Wave energy in the Netherlands: Past, Present and Future perspectives Lavidas, G., Polinder, H. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Energy generation and storage by salinity gradient power: A model-based assessment Jalili, Z. , Krakhella, K., Einarsrud, K. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Modeling Performance
O&M Models for Ocean Energy Converters: Calibrating through Real Sea Data Thomaz, T., Crooks, D., Medina-Lopez, E. Journal Article Wave Field Data, Modeling
Offshore deployments of wave energy converters by Uppsala University, Sweden Chatzigiannakou, M. , Ulvgård, L., Temiz, I. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Test Center
Design of a Multi-Source Offshore Renewable Energy Platform Engelmann, G. , Robinson, R. Conference Paper OTEC
Advancement of a Tidal Energy Converter Mount Through Integrated Design Process and Risk Management Colby, J., Corren, D., Adonizio, M. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Structural
State of the Sector 2019: Economic Benefits for Wales Marine Energy Wales Report Current, Wave
Engineered PES/SPES nanochannel membrane for salinity gradient power generation Huang, X., Zhang, Z., Kong, X. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis Lab Data Materials, Performance
Application of a multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM) model for selecting appropriate maintenance strategy for marine and offshore machinery operations Asuquo, M., Wang, J., Zhang, L. Journal Article Modeling
Mapping Exercise: A Comprehensive Summary Report - North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy Matteucci, F. Report Materials
Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion/photovoltaic system with hydrogen-based energy storage system Khosravi, A., Syri, S., Assad, M. Journal Article OTEC Hybrid Devices
WavePiston-Next Generation Wave Power Final Report WavePiston Report Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Converter Field Data, Modeling, Scale Device Performance, Structural
A review of marine renewable energy storage Wang, Z., Carriveau, R., Ting, D. Journal Article Modeling Control, Performance, Structural
Power performance and dynamic responses of a combined floating vertical axis wind turbine and wave energy converter concept Cheng, Z., Wen, T., Ong, M. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Techno-economic analysis of closed OTEC cycles for power generation Bernardoni, C., Binotti, M., Giostri, A. Journal Article OTEC Modeling Performance
Utilising the flexible generation potential of tidal range power plants to optimise economic value Harcourt, F., Angeloudis, A., Piggott, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Control
An analytical cost model for co-located floating wind-wave energy arrays Clark, C., Miller, A., DuPont, B. Journal Article Wave Hybrid Devices
Inter-and intra-annual variability of potential power production from wave energy converters Morim, J., Cartwright, N., Hemer, M. Journal Article Wave Field Data Array Effects, Performance
Tidal Stream: Opportunities for Collaborative Action Noonan, M. Report Current, Tidal
Delphi-based prioritization of economic criteria for development of wave and tidal energy technologies Jahanshahi, A., Karnali, M., Khalaj, M. Journal Article Current, Wave Modeling