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Assessment and prediction of significant wave height using hybrid CNN-BiLSTM deep learning model for sustainable wave energy in Australia Raj, N., Prakash, R. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Hydrokinetic tidal energy resource assessment following international electrotechnical commission guidelines Deb, M., Yang, Z., Haas, K. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Marine renewable energy harnessing for sustainable development in Bangladesh: A technological review Majumder, M., Shampa, M., Islam, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave, OTEC
A reconnaissance-level characterization of wave energy resource in the exclusive economic zones of Bay-of-Bengal Shahriar, T., Habib, M. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Scaling of wave energy converters for optimum performance in the Adriatic Sea Martic, I., Degiuli, N., Grlj, C. Journal Article Wave Scale Device Performance
Wave Energy Generation Potential in California and on the U.S. Coastline Braverman, I., Leung, P., Zarate, L. Conference Paper Wave
Workshop on Tidal Current Extractable Energy: Modelling, Verification and Validation Narasimalu, S., Thiébot, J., Lakshmanan, S. Report Current, Tidal Modeling
Crown Estate Scotland: Market Engagement of Industry on Current and Future Leasing Opportunities for Wave and Tidal Energy Cheeseman, S., van der Kammen, T., Findlay, D. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Wave Forecasting and Hindcasting for Warning Guidance, Coastal Protection, Resources Assessment, and Maritime Operation Li, N., Cheung, K-F. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Spatial and temporal variability of wave energy resource in the eastern Pacific from Panama to the Drake passage Eelsalu, M., Montoya, R., Aramburo, D. Journal Article Wave Field Data
Test Reference Year for wave energy studies: Generation and validation Memmola, F., Contestabile, P., Falco, P. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Complementarity of offshore energy resources on the Spanish coasts: Wind, wave, and photovoltaic energy Vázquez, R., Cabos, W., Nieto-Borge, J. Journal Article Wave Field Data
The Potential of Tidal Energy Production in a Narrow Channel: The Gulf of Morbihan Thiébot, J., Sedrati, M., Guillou, S. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Array Effects
Resource Assessment of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Tidal Stream, and Ocean Current for Powering Blue Economy Applications in Puerto Rico Yang, Z. , Rollano, F., Medina, G. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Ocean Current, OTEC Modeling
Salinity gradient energy in Colombia: an efficiency analysis Garcia, D., Rincón, D., Prada, J. Conference Paper Salinity Gradient Field Data
From European waves to Pan-American shores: derisking, demonstrating, and educating to advance marine energy: Insights from European Projects Scheijgrond, P. Conference Paper Current
Understanding Marine Energy’s Potential to Power Aquaculture Freeman, M., Garavelli, L., Grear, M. Presentation Current, Wave Field Data
Oceanographic characterization of areas of interest for a possible implementation of OTEC technology in Mexico Garcia Huante, A., Ponce-Núñez, F., Garduño-Ruiz, E. Conference Paper OTEC Field Data
Optimization of a wave energy park using a spectral wave model and a binary genetic algorithm Santiago-Ojeda, E., Garcia-Nava, H., Gutiérrez-López, E. Conference Paper Wave Modeling
Aquatic Renewable Energy Potential in Colombia: A Preliminary Study Colmenares-Quintero, R., Rojas, N., Baquero-Almazo, M. Conference Paper Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Stream tidal energy assessment near the coast of Saboga Island, Panama: Data analysis. Rodríguez, J., De Gracia, L., Garcia, D. Conference Paper Current, Wave
Assessment of the FES2014c model for tidal currents on the shelves around the North Atlantic Ocean Bolivar-Carbonell, M., Johnstone, C., Lewis, M. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics
Development of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Barranquilla, Colombia Acevedo, D., Kleute, B., Kirkenier, J. Conference Paper OTEC Modeling
Hydrodynamic and CFD modeling of a tidal barrage power plant in Buenaventura Colombia Rueda-Bayona, J., Parrado, D., Garcia, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling
Resource assessment, technology development, public policies, and deploying large-scale projects of marine and ocean energy in Colombia Osorio, A., Roldan-Carvajal, M., Colmenares, F. Conference Paper Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
On the wave field as observed in the BTS (Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada, Mexico) Natural Laboratory Ocampo-Torres, F., Esquivel-Trava, B., Osuna, P. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics
Construction of a feasibility index for Salinity Gradient Energy (SGE) projects in the Colombian Caribbean region Garrido, T., Alvarez-Silva, O. Conference Paper Salinity Gradient Modeling
Potential of renewable energies from ocean resources in the Colombian Caribbean Peña, J., Garcia, D., Illidge, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Tides and batteries for green hydrogen production Suarez, L., Di Iorio, M., Almonacid, N. Presentation Current, Tidal Modeling
Harnessing Hydrokinetic Energy for Enhanced Energy Resilience in the Arctic Communities of Canada Kirby, K., Fu, S., Ordonez-Sanchez, S. Presentation Current, Riverine Field Data
Wave height and power trends in Mexican Seas Barrera, G., Osuna, P., Ocampo-Torres, F. Conference Paper Wave Field Data, Modeling
Co-locating wave energy and offshore aquaculture in Puerto Rico Garavelli, L., Freeman, M., Grear, M. Presentation Wave Field Data, Modeling
Measuring Marine Energy for Specific Applications Zhaoqing, Y., Taiping. W., Neary, V. Presentation Current, Tidal, Wave Field Data
Conceptual design of a salinity gradient energy demonstration unit at the Magdalena River mouth Roldan-Carvajal, M., Álvarez-Silva, O., Maturana, A. Conference Paper Salinity Gradient, Reverse Electrodialysis Hydrodynamics
Assessing wave energy for possible WEC installations at La Serena, central Chile Selman-Caro, D., Gorr-Pozzi, E., Odériz, I. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Dimensional optimization of a two-body wave energy converter under irregular waves for the strait of hormuz Rahimi, A., Rezaei, S., Mansourzadeh, S. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Power Take Off, Structural
Marine Energy and Technologies - Possibilities of Exploiting the Adriatic Sea in Croatia Zvonimir, G., Giorgio, G., Nastia, D. Conference Paper Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC Modeling
Long-term assessment of wave conditions and wave energy resource in the Arctic Ocean Christakos, K., Lavidas, G., Gao, Z. Journal Article Wave Modeling
Assessing the Tidal Stream Resource for energy extraction in The Netherlands Alday, M., Lavidas, G. Journal Article Current, Tidal
Numerical assessment of tidal potential energy in the Brazilian Equatorial Shelf Aguiar, A., Marta-Almeida, M., Cirano, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data
Turbulence modeling to aid tidal energy resource characterization in the Western Passage, Maine, USA Deb, M., Yang, Z., Wang, T. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
A scalable wave resource assessment methodology: Application to U.S. waters Kilcher, L., Garcia Medina, G., Yang, Z. Journal Article Wave
Model and method to predict the turbulent kinetic energy induced by tidal currents, application to the wave-induced turbulence Calvino, C., Fugerot, L., Poizot, E. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
CMIP6 projections for global offshore wind and wave energy production (2015–2100) Ibarra-Berastegui, G., Sáenz, J., Ulazia, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance
Evaluation of Model Predictions of the Unsteady Tidal Stream Resource and Turbine Fatigue Loads Relative to Multi-Point Flow Measurements at Raz Blanchard Mullings, H., Draycott, S., Thiébot, J. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Numerical study on the impact of wave-current interaction on wave energy resource assessments in Zhoushan sea area, China Shi, S., Li, S., Liang, B. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics
Wave climate and energy resources in the Mariana Islands from a 42-year high-resolution hindcast Li, N., Medina, G., Yang, Z. Journal Article Wave Field Data
The potential of salinity gradient energy based on natural and anthropogenic resources in Sweden Essalhi, M., Avci, A., Lipnizki, F. Journal Article Salinity Gradient Modeling
HAPiGYM: Two Rapid Prototyping Environments for Wave Energy Control Price, A., Campos-Gaona, D., Davey, T. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data, Modeling Control, Structural
Analysis of the North Atlantic offshore energy flux from different reanalysis and hindcasts Alday, M., Raghavan, V., Lavidas, G. Conference Paper Wave Modeling