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Multi-axis point absorber wave energy converters Richardson, D. Thesis Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Development of multi-oscillating water columns as wave energy converters Doyle, S., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column
Nature rules hidden in the biomimetic wave energy converters Zhang, H., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance, Structural
Tidal range energy resource and optimization – Past perspectives and future challenges Neill, S., Angeloudis, A., Robins, P. Journal Article Current, Tidal Array Effects
Design, optimization and numerical modelling of a novel floating pendulum wave energy converter with tide adaptation Yang, J. , Zhang, D., Chen, Y. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control, Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
Comparative turbulent three-dimensional Navier–Stokes hydrodynamic analysis and performance assessment of oscillating wings for renewable energy applications Drofelnik, J., Campobasso, M. Journal Article Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance, Structural
Tidal range technologies and state of the art in review Waters, S., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Current, Tidal
Analysing the performance of the Archimedes screw turbine within tidal range technologies Waters, S. Thesis Current, Archimedes Screw Modeling Performance
Over 2000 years in review: Revival of the Archimedes Screw from Pump to Turbine Waters, S., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Current, Archimedes Screw
Numerical hydrodynamic modelling of a pitching wave energy converter Bhinder, M., Rahmati, M., Mingham, C. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Hydrodynamics, Structural
Wave tank experiments on the power capture of a multi-axis wave energy converter Zhang, D., George, A., Wang, Y. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling, Scale Device Hydrodynamics, Performance, Structural
Seaweaver: A new surge-resonant wave energy converter Chaplin, R. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Wave Surge Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Performance
Operational optimisation of a tidal barrage across the Mersey estuary using 0-D modelling Aggidis, G., Benzon, D. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Constrained optimization of the shape of a wave energy collector by genetic algorithm McCabe, A. Journal Article Wave Modeling Structural
Tidal range turbines and generation on the Solway Firth Aggidis, G., Feather, O. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Optimizing the shape of a surge-and-pitch wave energy collector using a genetic algorithm McCabe, A., Aggidis, G., Widden, M. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Structural
Experimental tests of an air-cored PM tubular generator for direct drive wave energy converters Mueller, M., Baker, N., Ran, L. Conference Paper Wave Lab Data Power Take Off
A comparative approach to the economic modelling of a large-scale wave power scheme Stallard, T., Rothschild, R. , Aggidis, G. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave Modeling, Full Scale
Developments, expectations of wave energy converters and mooring anchors in the UK Ming, H., Aggidis, G. Journal Article Wave Mooring
Current and Novel Electrical Generator Technology for Wave Energy Converters Mueller, M., Polinder, H., Baker, N. Conference Paper Wave, Overtopping, Pressure Differential, Oscillating Water Column Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
An Investigation into Power from Pitch-Surge Point-Absorber Wave Energy Converters Chaplin, R., Aggidis, G. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Lab Data, Scale Device Performance
On the difficulty of inventing an economical sea wave energy converter: A personal view French, M. Journal Article
Developments in the design of the PS Frog Mk 5 wave energy converter McCabe, A., Bradshaw, A., Meadowcraft, J. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Structural
Heaving Point Absorbers Reacting against an Internal Mass French, M., Bracewell, R. Book Chapter Wave, Point Absorber Performance, Structural