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Affiliated Marine Energy Engineering Documents

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Predictive model using artificial neural network to design phase change material-based ocean thermal energy harvesting systems for powering uncrewed underwater vehicles Ouro-Koura, H., Jung, H., Li, J. Journal Article OTEC Lab Data, Modeling Performance
Hydrokinetic tidal energy resource assessment following international electrotechnical commission guidelines Deb, M., Yang, Z., Haas, K. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Characterizing Interference in a Wave-Powered Buoy Branch, R., Cavagnaro, R., Roberts, B. Report Wave Modeling Hydrodynamics, Structural
On the impact of tidal generation and energy storage integration in PV-rich electric distribution systems Peerzada, A., Hanif, S., Tarekegne, B. Journal Article Current, Tidal Grid Integration
Measuring Marine Energy for Specific Applications Zhaoqing, Y., Taiping. W., Neary, V. Presentation Current, Tidal, Wave Field Data
Co-locating wave energy and offshore aquaculture in Puerto Rico Garavelli, L., Freeman, M., Grear, M. Presentation Wave Field Data, Modeling
Powering the Blue Economy – Foundational Research and Development for Offgrid Uses of Marine Energy Copping, A., Cavagnaro, R., Sirnivas, S. Presentation Current, Wave, OTEC Modeling Performance, Structural
Portal and Repository for Information on Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMRE) Farr, H., Copping, A., Whiting, J. Presentation
Resource Assessment of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, Tidal Stream, and Ocean Current for Powering Blue Economy Applications in Puerto Rico Yang, Z. , Rollano, F., Medina, G. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Ocean Current, OTEC Modeling
Understanding Marine Energy’s Potential to Power Aquaculture Freeman, M., Garavelli, L., Grear, M. Presentation Current, Wave Field Data
Performance of three hydrophone flow shields in a tidal channel Cotter, E. , McVey, J., Weicht, L. Journal Article Field Data
Powering the Blue Economy: Marine Energy at Kelp Farm Sites Branch, R., Rose, D., Grear, M. Journal Article Current, Tidal, Wave
Turbulence modeling to aid tidal energy resource characterization in the Western Passage, Maine, USA Deb, M., Yang, Z., Wang, T. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling
Report on the 4th Marine Energy Instrumentation and Data Workshop Fao, R., Ainsworth, R., Bharath, A. Report Current, Wave, Salinity Gradient, OTEC
A scalable wave resource assessment methodology: Application to U.S. waters Kilcher, L., Garcia Medina, G., Yang, Z. Journal Article Wave
Wave climate and energy resources in the Mariana Islands from a 42-year high-resolution hindcast Li, N., Medina, G., Yang, Z. Journal Article Wave Field Data
Modeling and Optimization of a PCM-Based Ocean Thermal Energy Harvester for Powering Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Ouro-Koura, H., Jung, H., Borca-Tasciuc, D-A. Conference Paper OTEC Modeling
Development of an Unmanned Mobile Current Turbine Platform Dhanak, M., Beaujean, P., Frankenfield, J. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Field Data, Scale Device Power Take Off, Substructure
Evaluating the performance of turbulence closure models for tidal stream resource characterization Yang, Z., Deb, M. Conference Paper Current, Tidal Modeling Hydrodynamics
Critical Feature and Seawater Testing of Cross-Flow Rotor Components Fabricated with Additive Manufacturing McVey, J., Zaengle, J., Cavagnaro, R. Conference Paper Current, Cross Flow Turbine, Tidal Lab Data Materials, Structural
A comparison of the power potential for surface- and seabed-deployed tidal turbines in the San Juan Archipelago, Salish Sea, WA Calandra, G., Wang, T., Miller, C. Journal Article Current, Tidal Modeling Performance
Knowledge Management for the Marine Energy Industry: PRIMRE Whiting, J., Castillo, C., Weers, J. Book Chapter
Multi-decade high-resolution regional hindcasts for wave energy resource characterization in U.S. coastal waters Yang, Z., Medina, G., Neary, V. Journal Article Wave Modeling
3rd International Marine Energy Data Sharing Workshop Report Copping, A., Weers, J., Castillo, C. Report
Powering Arctic Observations with Marine Energy Branch, R., McVey, J., Cotter, E. Report Current, Tidal, Wave
Tanana River Test Site Model Verification Using the Marine and Hydrokinetic Toolkit (MHKiT) Browning, E., Olson, S., Fao, R. Journal Article Current, Riverine Field Data, Modeling
Subcomponent Validation of Composite Joints for the Marine Energy Advanced Materials Project Murdy, P., Hughes, S., Miller, D. Report Current, Wave Lab Data Materials
Marine renewable energy for Arctic observations Branch, R., Rollano, F., Cotter, E. Journal Article Current, Vortex-Induced Vibration, Tidal, Wave
Using marine energy in oyster farming operations: an assessment of opportunities Briggs, C., Grear, M. Presentation Current, Tidal, Wave Modeling
Design and testing of an open-source tidal energy converter to advance Marine Energy IEC standards Bichanich, M., Wosnik, M., Neary, V. Presentation Current, Tidal Lab Data, Scale Device Performance
Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal and Kelp Aquaculture: Opportunities for Marine Energy Rose, D., Ertsgaard, E. Presentation
Nearshore wave resources and wave climate analysis at American Samoa Medina, G., Yang, Z., Li, N. Presentation Wave Modeling
Capturing Lessons Learned as the U.S. Marine Energy Industry Advances Farr, H., Gunda, T., Copping, A. Presentation Current, Tidal, Wave
Turbulence Modeling to Support Tidal Energy Resource Characterization in the Western Passage, USA Yang, Z., Deb, M., Wang, T. Presentation Current, Tidal Modeling
Case study on the novel permitting and authorization of PacWave South, a US grid-connected wave energy test facility: Development, challenges, and insights Freeman, M., O'Neil, R., Garavelli, L. Journal Article Wave Test Center
Temporal complementarity of marine renewables with wind and solar generation: Implications for GB system benefits Pennock, S., Coles, D., Angeloudis, A. Journal Article Current, Wave Modeling Grid Integration
Frequency-multiplied cylindrical triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting low frequency wave energy to power ocean observation system Jung, H., Ouro-Koura, H., Salalila, A. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling Array Effects, Performance
A feasibility assessment for co-locating and powering offshore aquaculture with wave energy in the United States Garavelli, L., Freeman, M., Tugade, L. Journal Article Wave
Power Generation from Tides and Waves Bhatnagar, D., Preziuso, D., O'Neil, R. Book Chapter Current, Tidal, Wave Grid Integration
Quantifying Background Magnetic Fields at Marine Energy Sites: Challenges and Recommendations Grear, M., McVey, J., Cotter, E. Journal Article Current, Tidal Field Data
Extracting energy from ocean thermal and salinity gradients to power unmanned underwater vehicles: State of the art, current limitations, and future outlook Jung, H., Subban, C., McTigue, J. Journal Article Salinity Gradient, OTEC
Grid Value Proposition of Marine Energy: A Preliminary Analysis Bhatnagar, D., Bhattacharya, S., Preziuso, D. Report Current, Tidal, Ocean Current, Wave Grid Integration
A review of tidal energy—Resource, feedbacks, and environmental interactions Neill, S., Haas, K., Thiébot, J. Journal Article Current, Tidal Hydrodynamics
Sea Ice Collision Risk Assessment for Tidal Turbine Siting in Cook Inlet, Alaska Branch, R., Wang, T., Whiting, J. Report Current, Tidal Lab Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics
Timing value of marine renewable energy resources for potential grid applications Bhattacharya, S., Pennock, S., Robertson, B. Journal Article Current, Ocean Current, Tidal, Wave Modeling Grid Integration
The Marine and Hydrokinetic ToolKit for Data Quality Control and Analysis Olson, S., Fao, R., Coe, R. Conference Paper
Added Value for Integrated Marine Energy Data Systems Copping, A., Garavelli, L., Farr, H. Conference Paper
Research and Development Pathways for Powering the Blue Economy with Marine Renewable Energy Cavagnaro, R., Copping, A., Jenne, S. Conference Paper Modeling
Evaluating the resilience benefits of marine energy in microgrids Newman, S., Bhatnagar, D., O’Neil, R. Conference Paper Wave Grid Integration
The Marine and Hydrokinetic ToolKit (MHKiT) for Data Quality Control and Analysis Olson, S., Fao, R., Coe, R. Conference Paper Current, Tidal, Riverine, Wave Modeling Control, Performance