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Wave energy resource variation off the west coast of Ireland and its impact on realistic wave energy converters’ power absorption Penalba, M., Ulazia, A., Ibarra-Berastegui, G. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance
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Enhancing the primary efficiency of an oscillating water column wave energy converter based on a dual-mass system analogy Rezanejad, K., Soares, C. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data, Modeling Performance
A multi-point-absorber wave-energy converter for the stabilization of output power Do, H., Dang, T. , Ahn, K. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Scale Device Performance, Power Take Off
Self-rectifying air turbines for wave energy conversion: A comparative analysis Falcao, A., Henriques, J., Gato, L. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Lab Data Performance, Structural
Parametric study of a wave energy converter (Searaser) for Caspian Sea Babajani, A., Jafari, M., Hafezisefat, P. Journal Article Wave, Pressure Differential Modeling Hydrodynamics, Performance
CFD analysis of the energy conversion process in a fixed oscillating water column (OWC) device with a Wells turbine Filianoti, P., Gurnari, L., Torresi, M. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling, Full Scale Hydrodynamics, Performance
Utilizing Wave Power as Green Energy for Remote BC Communities Fischer, E. Thesis Wave Grid Integration
Robust predictive control for heaving wave energy converters Jama, M., Wahyudie, A., Noura, H. Journal Article Wave Modeling Control
A novel method for predicting the power outputs of wave energy converters Wang, Y. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Modeling Performance
Renewable Energy from Oceans Narula, K. Book Chapter Current, Tidal, Wave, OTEC
Electrical Power Supply of Remote Maritime Areas: A Review of Hybrid Systems Based on Marine Renewable Energies Roy, A., Auger, F., Dupriez-Robin, F. Journal Article Wave
The underwater resonant airbag: a new wave energy converter Farley, F. Journal Article Wave Modeling Performance, Structural
Real-time latching control strategies for the solo Duck wave energy converter in irregular waves Wu, J., Yao, Y., Zhou, L. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Scale Device Performance, Power Take Off, Structural
A detailed comparison of meta-heuristic methods for optimising wave energy converter placements Neshat, M., Alexander, B., Wagner, M. Conference Paper Current, Wave, Point Absorber Lab Data, Modeling
On the use of rotary-linear generators in floating hybrid wind and wave energy conversion systems Szabó, L. Conference Paper Wave Array Effects, Structural
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Physical Modelling Hann, M., Pérez-Collazo, C. Book Chapter Current, Wave Modeling Structural
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WEC design based on refined mean annual energy production for the Israeli Mediterranean coast Stuhlmeier, R., Xu, D. Journal Article Wave, Point Absorber Field Data Performance, Structural
The Marine Resource Iglesias, G. Book Chapter Current, Wave
Experimental and numerical study of hydrodynamic responses of a new combined monopile wind turbine and a heave-type wave energy converter under typical operational conditions Ren, N., Ma, Z., Fan, T. Journal Article Wave Lab Data, Modeling, Scale Device Hybrid Devices, Hydrodynamics
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Statistical Energy Storage Sizing for Point Absorber Wave Energy Converters (WECs): A Device for Operation off the U.S. East Coast Zhou, X., Jafari, M., Abdelkhalik, O. Conference Paper Wave, Point Absorber Grid Integration
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Characterizing the Great Lakes marine renewable energy resources: Lake Michigan surge and wave characteristics Sogut, D., Farhadzadeh, A., Jensen, R. Journal Article Wave Field Data, Modeling Hydrodynamics
A methodology to determine the optimal size of a wells turbine in an oscillating water column device by using coupled hydro-aerodynamic models Torres, F., Teixeira, P., Didier, E. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Structural
High efficiency design of an impulse turbine used in oscillating water column to harvest wave energy Badhurshah, R., Dudhgaonkar, P., Jalihal, P. Journal Article Wave, Oscillating Water Column Modeling Performance, Structural